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Mondo Macabro Releasing A Haunted Turkish Bathhouse

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    Thanks for the heads up on this Dom. I'm still waiting for my copy to arrive, but when it does, I'll make sure it goes straight on the "movies to watch on my own" pile.

    What with it being a Toei production directed by Yamaguchi, I guess I was holding out for some wild n' crazy antics ala 'Wolf Guy', but realistically, it's still a mid '70s pink film with a revenge/horror theme, so... plenty of rapin' seems inevitable really.


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      A member at forum pointed out that the Mondo BD actually runs a little shorter than the Toei master that has been available until now.

      I was curious about this too, so I decided to compare my Mondo Macabro BD (which arrived yesterday) to the Toei Channel TV broadcasting which I recorded a few years ago. The answer is the BD release is frame cut. Frames with damage / splice lines have been removed from the end and / or beginning of shots. This explains the roughly 40s difference in running time between the Mondo BD (1:20:37) and my TV recording (approx. 1:21:20).

      Take a look at this screenshot comparison I made. Here you can see the last and first two frames in consecutive shots (call them frames 1, 2, 3 and 4)

      Toei Channel (TV)

      Below you can see the same scene on Mondo BD.

      Mondo BD

      If you look carefully, those are frames 1 and 4. I can't post frames 2 and 3 (the ones with splice lines) because they are missing from the BD.

      Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to advocate against buying the Mondo BD. I love the disc. I just thought I should clarify what's causing the run time difference.

      In other news, I enjoyed Patrick Macias' brief video extras, though I couldn't help but to notice he got fooled by IMDb. The film's Japanese title is Kaibyo toruko buro, not Bakeneko toruko furo (incorrect reading of the kanji in 怪猫トルコ風呂). I think tried to submit correction to IMDb years ago but they don't believe me.
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        So I finally caught up with this one this evening - hugely enjoyed it.

        Sure, there are a couple of rape-y bits, along with some totally sleazy outbursts of vaguely consensual, roman porno-style sex and one extremely unpleasant scene of sexualised violence, but it's nothing that seasoned pinky violence fans won't take in their stride, and not half as grim as I'd feared based on Dom's review above.

        Moreover, it's all done in wildly OTT '70s Toei pop/comic book style, very much reminiscent of Yamaguchi's 'Wolf Guy' and 'Sister Street Fighter', with frantic pacing, freaky gel lighting, a totally zonked out psych-jazz score and Hideo Murota really going all out, practically twirling his non-existent moustache, as the hideous, rascally villain of the piece... which all helped sweeten the pill.

        For all that though, it still feels less rushed and more skillfully put together than many mid-70s Toei joints, with great atmos & photography, imaginative direction and solid performances during the first hour.... and then when the bakeneko monster turns up and starts wreaking havoc in the final act, it's pretty much Peak Mondo Macabro, giving us a heroic dose of everything I feel that label is all about -- in fact, if the film has one failing, it's that at this point I pretty much forgot about the revenge narrative, turned off my brain and just enjoyed the ride, as blood sprayed, lightning crashed, cats howled, angles went dutch and freaky/primitive special effects did their thing. A fine evening's entertainment.
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          Standard edition coming soon.

          Click image for larger version

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