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Mondo Macabro Releasing House Of Terrors (aka Ghost Of The Hunchback)

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  • Mondo Macabro Releasing House Of Terrors (aka Ghost Of The Hunchback)

    From the newsletter than came out yesterday:

    "We more than likely will have four new titles up for pre-order sometime in August! Several different projects are being juggled at the moment, but we are fairly sure that two of them will be wild Japanese horror films from Toei Studios! One of which we've previously announced, HOUSE OF TERRORS aka GHOST OF THE HUNCHBACK. The other one we'll save and announce later but expect something incredibly weird.

    On top of that we'll have two more totally fab Euro films. Stay tuned for more info."
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    This is very cool news, I've been trying to find a copy of 'Ghost of the Hunchback' to watch for a long time.

    More knowledgeable forum members might be able to chime in with some suggestions, but I have no idea what the other film Mondo are releasing might be. Outside a few of the Teruo Ishii titles already released by Arrow, I've never had the impression Toei were very big on "incredibly weird" horror films... unless they're releasing that 'Haunted Turkish Bathhouse' movie or something? Eh - I'd probably buy it.


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      I had assumed the other film would be the sequel to Ghost of the Hunchback: Ghost of the One Eyed Man. But that announcement makes it sound like maybe it isn't that.

      Haunted Turkish Bathhouse would make sense since it's available in HD. Or perhaps Torn Priestess, though I don't think Toei has done that in HD.


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        Very good news about GHOST OF THE HUNCHBACK, which has been poorly distributed, except in Italy. Sequel would be good, too. But kudos to MM for getting behind this.

        I often wonder if anybody will ever release THE DWARF, (Issun-boshi, '55, Shintoho), one of the strangest "weird" films I've ever seen.

        From a story by Edogawa Rampo, screenplay by Kennosuke Morooka.

        You a fan, Takuma?
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