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Synapse Films Releasing Crocodile

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  • Synapse Films Releasing Crocodile

    Don May Jr. posted two images on Instagram showing that he's working on Sompote Sands's Crocodile for Blu-ray release.
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    Ha! where's Sompote Sands with all those ULTRAMAN officially licensed Chaiyo blu rays and figures he promised us years ago at Frank & Sons? anyway, I have this flick on one of those public domain dvd-r releases & it's hilariously bad. There was a recently released Thai crocodile survival/horror movie that's actually decent - it's called THE POOL. It's out on blu ray already & available readily from the *ahem* usual sites with English subs. I would recommend you check it out.


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      For those that didn't visit Don's Instagram here are the two shots he posted
      Nut sack

      and Crew member


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        I'm up for this.


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          Slipcover edition, limited to 1500 pieces, up for sale now at the Synapse site and at Diabolik.

          Click image for larger version

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            "theNude Slipcover Edition"


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              “Well, sir, a crocodile, can he live in the sea?”

              Despite the nudity on the slipcover, I am not sure that this film can be recommended. It is fairly slow moving and there is not as much action as one could hope for. The director gives a hint as to why this is so. He notes that the Thai element of the production team built a giant-sized crocodile head and tail, but since they were largely made of metal, weighing tons apiece, they could hardly be maneuvered on the land, let alone in the water. A lot of screen time is chewed up with the characters and the Thai scientific community trying to come to grip with the possibility of a saltwater crocodile, which seems imbecilic. On the other hand, the movie is at least partially redeemed by the scene where divers deploy a giant underwater bear trap to catch the monster.

              I was surprised to learn that this is actually a Korean movie. In an interview the Korean director, Won-se Lee, is informed for the first time that most of the world believes that Sompote Sands was the director. For his part, Lee seems disinclined to believe this alleged misrepresentation could exist and says that he’ll look into the matter himself. Apart from the Koreans and the Thais, a Korean actress working in Hong Kong, whose name I don’t think is mentioned, was cast; and the Shaw Brothers studio developed the film. The miniatures used in the film were farmed out to the Japanese; and Lee clearly does not think much of the result; and you probably won't either. The movie took seven months to film, although you would never guess it.
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                To cleanse my palette, so to speak, after that Korean crocodile fiasco, I watched Krai Thong (apparently 1980). This film is proof that the Thais don’t need anyone’s help to make a great crocodile movie. Glittering sets, lovely costumes, fantasy elements and lots of people being devoured, especially children and the elderly, ensure that the story moves right along. The message is that while man and crocodile might live as brothers, feminine jealously will always ruin everything.


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                  Standard edition coming in July.

                  Press release!


                  If you only see one Taiwanese/Korean JAWS rip-off in your lifetime, CROCODILE is definitely the one to see. This late 70s nature-run-amok epic was a favorite of many video stores in the early days of VHS (due in no small part due to its terrific poster art) and has been one of Synapse Films’ most in-demand titles for nearly a decade. Now, Synapse Films brings this giant monster gem to Blu-ray looking and sounding better - and more giant - than ever in an all-new 2K restoration!

                  There is a giant crocodile on the loose! Mutating and getting larger, possibly because of an atomic explosion, the crocodile’s thirst for blood also grows as it rampages through a small quiet beach town devouring anything in its path.

                  Dr. Akom and Dr. Stromm are on a perfect family vacation, but it takes a tragic turn when three of their loved ones suddenly disappear. When the bodies are found, the two doctors conduct a thorough examination of the remains and discover a killer crocodile is the culprit. Teaming up with Tanaka, a tough and rugged fisherman, Akom and Stromm head out to dangerous open waters to find and destroy the beast once and for all!

                  This killer croc classic, originally filmed in 1978 as Crocodile Fangs (Agowa gongpo), was released in slightly different versions all around the world during its theatrical run. Synapse Films is proud to present the Blu-ray world-premiere of Crocodile in its original U.S. release version, meticulously restored from the original English 35mm camera negative.

                  SPECIAL FEATURES:

                  - Original theatrical trailer
                  - Audio commentary with writer and film historian Lee Gambin
                  - Video interview with original Crocodile Fangs director, Won-se Lee
                  - Deleted and alternate scenes

                  VIDEO: High-Definition 1080p Widescreen (2.35:1) Presentation / AVC
                  AUDIO: English DTS-HD MA 2.0 Mono
                  SUBTITLES: English for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing
                  REGION: A/B/C (ALL)

                  ITEM #: SFD0221
                  UPC CODE: 654930324493
                  SUGGESTED RETAIL PRICE: $29.95
                  RELEASE DATE: July 9, 2024

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