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    Not sure if it really falls into the horror category -- maybe more of a crime thriller than horror but I was really impressed with the rather obscure Milkyway CATIII film, INTRUDER (1997), directed by Tsang Kan-cheung. His debut & only directorial effort. A real dark and mean spirited flick from start to finish. Jacklyn Wu (Chien Lin-wu) gives one of her best performances and goes against her typical typecast roles. I have the German DVD with the uncut print and it also features RUN TO KILL as a bonus.


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      Re-watched these during the Christmas holidays.

      The Killer Snakes (Hong Kong, 1974) [DVD] - 4/5
      Bullied young man who loves reading S&M magazines takes revenge against hookers and thugs who did him wrong, using deadly snakes who obey his wish. This film earns a few extra points just for being so charmingly sleazy. At times, you could swear it was influenced by the Nikkatsu Roman Porno S&M boom that took off in 1974; however, The Killer Snakes actually preceded those films by some months. The film also features some nice Hong Kong city / street footage - it was always a pleasure when 70s Hong Kong filmmakers took the cameras to the real streets.

      Bewitched (Hong Kong, 1981) [DVD] - 4/5
      Superb Shaw Brothers horror “based on” "stories" by Chinese and Thai men who became victims of black magic. As usual, a woman (a dumped Thai girlfriend who hired an evil magician to take revenge for her) is behind it all. There's an amazing duel between a Buddhist monk and an evil magician, both using mental powers trying to defeat each other from 100 kilometres apart, halfway into the film. Although the rest of the film can't quite retain that level of quality, it's still a very solid film packed with gore, great special effects, scares, and a bit of boobs and bush. The film was followed by a goofier, slightly less effective but equally entertaining sequel The Boxer's Omen (1983).

      The Boxer's Omen (Hong Kong, 1983) [DVD] - 4/5
      Bonkers sequel to Bewitched replaces much of the horror with almost non-stop special effects extravaganza. One can imagine director on the set Kuei Chih-Hung saying "oh fuck it, let's just throw it all in”. Like porn, but with black magic instead of sex. Though some of the effects are a bit too goofy, it's an enormously entertaining and pretty unique piece of cinema. Some of the black magic vs. Buddhism fights are again terrific, though they can't quite top Bewitched. Exotic locations, gross bits and pieces, and nudity add to the entertainment.


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        I spent that last 3 nights re-visting the Chinese Ghost story trilogy. They seem a lot more purile than I remember, but you cant help but get drawn into the batshit crazy world. Also even though the third is considered to be the weakest I actually enjoyed this a lot more this time around. Funnily enough, I've had the blu-ray box from Novamedia unwatched and sat on my shelf for about 4 years. Never felt the need to revisit, until recently. Funny how that works sometimes.
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          They're fantastic films. Hong Kong comedy of that period is generally a bit broad for my tastes but they are an amazing mix horror, comedy, romance and just a touch of PG rated eroticism. I never revisited the sequels. I remember the third being quite watchable. Largely a rehash of the first but that's not the worst thing in the world. I first saw them on late night tv with great subtitles. Every copy I've come across since has been a disappointment on the front. Would love a better edition.
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            Is The Rape After everyone's recommending the same movie as Devil Fetus (1983) or is it what is listed on IMDB as Devil Fetus 2: The Rape After (1984)?


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              unfortunately imdb seem to have been struck by the tmdb disease of beginners slapping up cool sounding literal translation titles as official rather then most official/common/appropriate ones.
              then there's the case of gray market official too.

              Devil Fetus:

              The Rape After:


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                Thanks for the info! Appreciate it.


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                  Originally posted by Alex K. View Post

                  I want to say that I've seen that one. Is that the one that steals music from Fulci's City of the Living Dead?
                  That's actually A LAMB IN DESPAIR (1999). Best scene of the movie!