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Wizard - Metal In My Head

    Horace Cordier
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  • Wizard - Metal In My Head

    Released by: Massacre Records
    Released on: February 12, 2021.
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    “Metal in my head... EXPLODING!”

    Germany's WIZARD have been at this since 1991 and at this point have pretty much nailed this “true metal” thing down to a science. This, the band's 12th full length offers very little in the way of musical surprises and appears to be purposefully designed that way.

    WIZARD are catering to a very specific demographic - aficionados of gloriously irony-free epic metal with lyrics about rocking, wearing band shirts(!!), medieval creatures and all other manner of topics of interest to people at a biker Metal festival being held in a field in Belgium. Or something.

    Musically, the band is an almost seamless melding of vintage MANOWAR (by far their biggest musical influence), old Kai Hansen led speedy HELLOWEEN and Defenders Of The Faith era JUDAS PRIEST. “Victory” relies on “Freewheel Burning” style propulsive drumming coupled with a tight careening riff. “30 Years Of Metal” is exactly what it sounds like - one of those self-congratulatory anthems where you can almost hear the sound of arms breaking while the band pats itself on the back for staying true to the cause. The songs midsection with a WE ARE PROUD chant is either hilarious or mildly appalling (I'm going with door number one myself) depending on your outlook. “We Fight” is a typical bar burner with goofy lyrics to match and the FEANOR cover (nope, I've never heard of them either) is the lone ''Swords In The Wind” type metal ballad. The rest of the record switches off between three distinct types of songs - mid-paced stompers like record closer 'Destiny”, fast ravers like “Firesword” and songs that mix the two styles but rely heavily on amped up theatrics utilizing almost spoken word passages and choral effects like opener “I Bring Light Into The Dark” where vocalist Sven D'Anna intones about shapeshifters and werewolves.

    On a musicianship level, longtime guitarist Michael Mass is proficient if unremarkable and vocalist D'Anna is Eric Adams with a German accent and new drummer Tommy Hartung is excellent with an impressive deployment of cowbell at just the right moments.


    Summary? While there's absolutely nothing unique about WIZARD they certainly scratch the true metal itch for those so inclined. The lyrics are a classic love it or hate it proposition so they are best approached with a sense of humor. Recommended for those who know what they like. You can also check out the band's official video for “Metal In My Head” on YouTube.

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