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Sodom - Genesis XIX (eOne) Album Review

    Horace Cordier
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  • Sodom - Genesis XIX (eOne) Album Review

    Released by: eOne

    Released on: November 27th, 2020.
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    SODOM's 16th (!) full length album sees our German heroes in fine fettle despite some recent lineup changes.

    Genesis XIX sees the return of the fantastic Frank Blackfire - the guitarist responsible for some of SODOM's greatest riffs on classics like "Nuclear Winter" and "Sodomy And Lust". We also have a new second guitarist and drummer in Yorck Segatz and Toni Merkel since 2016's Decision Day release. And while that album was rock solid, this one sees SODOM upping their game yet again.

    Of the Holy Trinity of classic German thrash still currently working today - namely DESTRUCTION and KREATOR and our boys here - SODOM have mostly avoided career pitfalls or alienating fans. The band never detoured into ambient rock or grunge or replaced key members. Band leader Tom Angelripper is the Lemmy of German metal - an indomitable personality who has steered his band through multiple decades of success.

    So how's the new album?

    Opener "Blind Superstition" is a short bit of grinding mid-paced doom that leads us into first track proper "Sodom & Gomorrha" which is classic SODOM recalling former glories like the Persecution Mania LP. This is where we really see the positive influence of the return of Blackfire - the man delivers killer thrash axework. You'll also dig Tom's extra spicy vocals - his vocals have matured into a fine growly wine. While retaining the guttural quality we all know and love, his enunciation remains impeccable. Next track "Euthanasia" keeps up the murderous pace with a rabbit-quick riff, furious drumming (extra props to Merkel here who has some killer swing and rides the crash tom with aplomb) and a nice explosive middle section. So far no surprises but the title track - weighing in at a hefty 7+ minutes breaks things up with a crushing doom metal opening couple of minutes and a fine raging thrash section further in - is a great example of SODOM's impressive grasp of dynamics in this somewhat limited musical genre. It is also worth noting that this version is different from the one that debuted on a SODOM EP last year. "Nicht Mehr Mein Land" follows and is my second favorite track on the record. I've always gotten a kick out of SODOM's fetish for German titles on various songs - often with mostly English lyrics. This track is a crash course in what makes SODOM awesome. They pack all their definitive moves into one lesson here. The best way to describe SODOM's sound is "galloping". Their preferred pace is one of elephants on a controlled stampede. Heavy as all get-out but measured carefully. Tom and his cohorts are long past the days of the gloriously disheveled "Obsessed By Cruelty".

    The rest of the album is extremely strong, especially my favorite track which is "The Harpooneer". The record's longest track is an epic tale of whaling and death on the high seas with a moody intro and galloping military marching pace. Once again the drumming sets the baseline and it should be noted how much Merkel brings to the table. All the musicians are in top form on Genesis XIX, but he's the engine driving the bus. "indoctrination" is almost groovy with some flanged-out bass and "Waldo & Pigpen" indulges in some acoustic play before bashing your brains in. The album closes with one final demolition derby in "Friendly Fire". Whew!

    SODOM have delivered again. BUY.

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