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Necrot - Mortal

    Horace Cordier
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  • Necrot - Mortal

    Released by: Tankcrimes
    Released on: August 28th, 2020.
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    The Bay Area's NECROT aren't really here to hold your Metal hand or fire up your Death Metal intellect. They aren't particularly technical (though they are excellent players) or cutting edge.

    What they ARE here to do is pummel you into submission.

    Following on from the band's well-received “Blood Offerings” debut of 2017, NECROT have expanded their repertoire a little bit on “Mortal” - mostly in the spice department. You'll find a few more extended snaky lead guitar parts like on the beautifully played “Asleep Forever”. There's some surprising groove on “Malevolent Intentions” and drummer Chad Gailey has seriously upped his blast beat game.

    NECROT's sound is primarily pure Death Metal but there's a very healthy dollop of old school thrash in here as well. Listening to this excellent album I was primarily reminded of two bands - Britain's BOLT THROWER and the early work of German Gods KREATOR. NECROT have the former's unrelenting drive and aggression and the latter's knack for song structure and solid musical focus. As the Death Metal scene has become more diverse and musically expansive it seems that the more pure Death Metal sound has fallen behind a bit. NECROT are here to do their part to change that.

    Highlights are many. Opener “Your Hell” swaggers in with a classic KREATOR “Pleasure To Kill” era opening riff before switching into a full Death Metal gallop and drummer Bailey showing he means business. “Stench Of Decay” - the album's first teaser - is a gloriously unhinged number that packs an awful lot of gristle and bone into just under four minutes. The song varies from full on blast beat mania to more focused searing guitar leads from axe-man Sonny Reinhardt. “Sinister Will” is the album's grooviest number with a great choppy riff that gets you headbanging in a hurry. Finally, the epic closer and title track is a masterclass in the undiluted Death Metal beat-down. At almost nine minutes, it won't win any awards for experimentation or dynamics, but it will leave you thoroughly demolished and satisfied.

    Production is solid and beefy with plenty of top and bottom end. Bassist/vocalist Luca Indrio's singing is the standard Cookie Monster razor bladed throat growl, but he does it with gusto. As for the lyrics, there's a good amount of anti-authoritarian political sentiment mixed in with the usual lovable atrocities.

    When all is said and done this is a very easy album to suggest for people who like this genre. NECROT show themselves to be a band to watch and this album is another step forward for them.

    Highly recommended.

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