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Electric Eel Shock, Live At Sabala's, Portland Oregon July 11th, 2006.

    Ian Jane

  • Electric Eel Shock, Live At Sabala's, Portland Oregon July 11th, 2006.

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    Hey, remember concerts? Concerts were fun. Covid-19 has kind of completely fucked concerts for the time being, who knows when we'll get to enjoy live music again, so with that in mind, why not relive past glories through pictures of concerts from days past? Let's start this off with some pictures and very, very fuzzy memories of the time Electric Eel Shock played Sabala's in Portland, Oregon, way back on July 11th, 2006. Fourteen fucking years ago.

    Anyway, here's a good rule to live by: if you like rock n roll and Electric Eel Shock grace your town with their presence, you should go see them. By all means, sit it out if you don't like rock n roll, because if you don't like rock n roll, this band if not for you. But, if like some of us, you truly believe that rock n roll can in fact rescue the world, then Electric Eel Shock essentially serve as Japan's ambassadors to that way of thinking, and as such, demand your attention. Comprised of naked Drummer 'Gian' Ito, bass player Kazuto Maekawa and guitar player/vocalist Akihito Moirmoto they are a mighty trio, small in stature but huge in style and sound.

    They like double peace. They like fishing. They like Chinese food and they like suicide rock n roll. They give 110% at every show and their drummer does not like clothes (well, he likes socks, but he only needs one). Hang out with them before or after a show and meet some of the nicest guys in all of heavy metal. See them on stage and be wowed by the intensity, the energy and the positivity that emanates from their live sets.

    Right now we can't go to shows and they can't travel, so it's unlikely that EES is going to play North American shores any time soon. But I have faith that once this pandemic shit is over with, they will return.

    As to memories of this night? They are… fuzzy. There were two opening acts. I do not remember the name of the first one but I do remember that a few of us wound up in the men's room with the singer after their set and he seemed like he thought we were going to beat him up for some reason. The second band was an all-female metal group called 'My Doll.' I don't remember much about them either, but thought that they were pretty good at the time. But we were there for EES, and in turn, EES was there for us. These pictures were taken with a 2005 era digital camera, and by the looks of things I was popping the flash with every shot, likely annoying the Hell out of the guys on stage, but they never bothered to let on if that was the case - because they were too into their heavy metal message!

    It was a rowdy set. It was a fun night. When I saw them in NYC a few years in 2012, ago a fat guy in a Green Lantern shirt tried to fight me, but there was no fighting in 2006, just a lot of drinking, throwing of the horns, and a mass having of good times.

    Concerts are rad and I miss them. Anyway, here are a bunch of pictures.

    • Mark Tolch
      Mark Tolch
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      Yeah, exactly. Really looking forward to it being over and being able to get out again. And finances permitting, you fuckers are gonna see a lot more of me in NYC.

    • Ian Jane
      Ian Jane
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      Looking forward to it!

    • Andrew Monroe
      Andrew Monroe
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      Great pictures! Looks like it was an awesome show. I hope we'll get back to where we can go to concerts again soon.

      The single best show I ever saw was The Hellacopters in Charlotte, NC. Way back in 2000. We got to meet and hang out with them before the show - and play pool with 'em! Jim, the guitar player from New Bomb Turks was with them and he came out for "City Slang", he was so drunk he played sitting on the bass drum.
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