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Lita Ford - Time Capsule

    Horace Cordier
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  • Lita Ford - Time Capsule

    Released by: Steamhammer/SPV
    Released on: April 15th, 2016.
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    Lita Ford has been around a long time, but unlike her major contemporary in THE RUNAWAYS, she hasn't had the smoothest or most successful career. While Joan Jett launched a high profile career in the more mainstream arena with her more accessible sound, Lita hitched her wagon to the hair metal train. Anyone remember the supreme goofiness of her debut album cover? Go ahead - I won't spoil it for you. Let's just say she made Lee Aaron look sober and serious.

    But let's jump to the here and now. After decades of ups and downs, cheesy Ozzy ballad duets and a failed marriage to the most ridiculous looking guitarist in rock (cough cough Jim Gillette) and an attendant mother of all custody battles, Lita is back like Ace Frehley after an Alpha Romero crash. Having spent the last few years rebuilding her "brand" with a well received solo Lp and autobiography, the one time Kim Fowley indentured servant has decided to pop open the vaults.

    "Time Capsule" is Lita's version of THE WHO's "Odds And Sods". She's dug into her archives and yanked out what she considers to be her best unfinished and unreleased material. Like THE SCORPION's recent 'Return To Forever" some of these songs date back to the 80's. So what's the word? Should these rocks have been lifted?

    It's a mixed bag. The use of multiple guest stars sometimes seems like a gimmick and sometimes works well. The less said about the spoken word Chris (drunk at the Decline Of Western Civilization pool) Holmes the better, but once opener "Where Will I Find My Heart Tonight" kicks in we are off to a good start. This one combines a hair metal ethos with some strong playing and a solid structure. Vocalist Jeff Scott Soto is the special sauce on this one and he melds well with Ford. "Killing Kind" is probably the best song on the record - a ballad on the heavier side with with some great Lita axe playing and cool backing vocals from CHEAP TRICK's Robin Zander and Rick Nielsen. "War Of The Angels" falters a bit with some contrived drama but "Black Leather Heart" gets things back on the case in supremely goofy fashion - a silly but fun rocker. The KISS connected number - "Rotten To The Core" - with Gene Simmons on bass and Bruce Kulick on guitar showcases Lita's guitar skills most on this album despite being a middling track. The real highlight of "Time Capsule" is the closing track. "Anything For The Thrill" dials in with an arresting jagged riff and has Lita being unusually aggressive on both the vocal line and her six string weapon of choice. Nice drumming and a bit of a loosey-goosey jam feel help this one work quite well. It comes off like a defiant statement of intent.

    Far better than I honestly expected, "Time Capsule" is definitely worth a listen. Lita did a fine job here.

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