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Spiders - Why Don't You

    Ian Jane

  • Spiders - Why Don't You

    Spiders - Why Don't You
    Released by: Spinefarm Records
    Released on: October 16th, 2015.
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    Back in 2014, Spiders delivered Shake Electric, a killer full length album and their second full length release. Now it's 2015 and they've unleashed a new three song E.P. entitled Why Don't You made up of two originals and an ABBA cover! Hey, they're Swedish, there's probably a law requiring them to do that. The band is still comprised of Ann-Sofie Hoyles (who we interviewed here) on vocals, John Hoyles on guitar, Olle Griphammar on bass and Ricard Harryson on drums and this new release once again sees them channeling some killer hard rock/glam/punk influences with an emphasis on the theatrical.

    The title track opens things up, guitars way up in the mix, and this sounds like The Runaways pretty much right from the start. That's a good thing, because they don't really rip off that sound so much as they play in that style. There's maybe some Heart in here too, but Heart when they were playing stuff like Barracuda, not when they were playing crap like These Dreams. Good stuff, plenty catchy and Sofia sounds great here. Catchy riff too. Scroll down to the end of this piece to check out the video.

    That aforementioned ABBA cover? It's the second track, Spiders' take on Watch Out from ABBA's Waterloo album. Now before you scoff, keep in mind that the original version is a pretty damn catchy song and if you actually listen to it, you can see how a band like Spiders could probably do a pretty great job of covering it, right? And they do. ABBA's version had some pretty cool guitar work in it, even if it was too low in the mix. This version though, quite rightly, puts the guitars up front and played a bit faster, with a bit more attitude without screwing around with the hooks and the melody of the original version. Great harmonies here, the vocals are nice. They maybe could have made this sound a little sleazier, a little sexier, a little rawer but this fairly clean and straight take on the track still sounds pretty great. This would probably go over really well live, it's a fun track.

    Last but not least, In A Room gets a heavy blues rock vibe going on what with the harmonica that starts things off, with Hoyles' sexy, sultry vocals anchoring things nicely. The band plow through this one well, it's got a heavy sound to it that allows John Hoyles the chance to solo a bit without overdoing it and there's a nice melody underneath it all.

    So yeah, three new tracks from Spiders. That's not a bad thing at all, if nothing else, it makes the wait for the next full length a little easier. This band does what they do really well, it's hard not to get into it - rock 'n roll, straight up, no chaser.

    It's also worth noting that they're touring the US (with Graveside) in early 2016. Check out these dates:

    1/22: Cambridge, MA @ The Middle East Downstairs
    1/23: New York, NY @ Bowery Ballroom
    1/24: Portland, ME @ Port City Music Hall
    1/26: Millvale, PA @ Mr. Smalls Theater
    1/27: Cleveland, OH @ Grog Shop
    1/28: Detroit, MI @ Saint Andrew's Music Hall
    1/29: Louisville, KY@ Headliners Music Hall
    1/30: Asheville, NC @ The Orange Peel
    1/31: Raleigh, NC @ Lincoln Theater
    2/2: New Orleans, LA @ Gasa Gasa
    2/4: St. Petersburg, FL @ State Theatre Saint Petersburg
    2/5: Atlanta, GA @ Terminal West At King Plow
    2/6: Chattanooga, TN @ Revelry Room
    2/9: Baltimore, MD @ Baltimore Soundstage
    2/10: Brooklyn, NY @ Brooklyn Bowel
    2/11: Buffalo, NY @ Town Ballroom
    2/12: Washington, DC @ 9:30 Club
    2/13: Philadelphia, PA @ Underground Arts

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