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Mad Max: Thunder Storm & Passion CD

    Horace Cordier
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  • Mad Max: Thunder Storm & Passion

    Mad Max: Thunder Storm & Passion
    Released by: Steamhammer/SPV
    Released on: September 4th, 2015.
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    Re-recordings are always a dicey proposition. Anyone remember that godawful SUICIDAL TENDENCIES first LP rehash? Or more pertinent to the matter at hand, the utterly ho hum SCORPIONS suite of "new and improved versions" of some of their biggest hits on their misguided "Comeblack" CD from a few years ago?

    Granted, aside from some diehards in the land of sauerbraten and quality beer, Deutschland's MAD MAX (no, Tom Hardy and Mel Gibson aren't involved) isn't exactly a well-known proposition. But they are an important part of the classic early 80's euro metal scene and were quite representative of the kind of quality second tier metal that was so exquisitely thick on the ground back in those halcyon days. Bands like BRAINFEVER, 220 VOLT and PRETTY MAIDS may not have cracked the USA wide open, but they sure entertained us back in the day.

    This little item represents a comeback of sorts for MAD MAX. While they never really broke up, they pretty much retreated to Europe for over a decade after the initial success of their earlier records and pursued a more AOR direction. Guitarist/vocalist/lynchpin Michael Voss also spent time on other projects. What we have here is re-recordings from their three most successful albums: "Rollin' Thunder", "Stormchild", and "Night of Passion".

    For those unfamiliar with these songs, this a pretty cool set. For those that ARE familiar with this material, this represents a beefier and more modern sounding take on some good songs. Most importantly, the energy level and playing ability is up to snuff. This is the biggest potential problem on a project like this, and MAD MAX deliver. MAD MAX were never the most metallic German act - their sensibilities tended towards AOR with some metal underpinnings - so don't expect ACCEPT level fury. But call this DEF LEPPARD when they didn't suck and you're close. Melodic hard rock? Maybe - but labels aren't that important. The best tracks are the barn burners: "Wait For The Night" and "Burning The Stage". The epic ballad "Thoughts Of A Dying Man" is a nice creepy offering that just screams Teutonic. "Hearts Of Fire' is the closest to pure AOR. There isn't a real duffer on here and the whole project hangs together nicely. Well done boys.

    Polish label Metal Mind reissued a few MAD MAX titles years ago but they aren't all that easy to locate, making this a good alternative for those looking to check out the band. My review version of this just included the album but purchasers of the physical CD also get a bonus live album recorded last year making this a great value for money and recommended for classic Euro metal/hard rock freaks. Check it out!

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