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Archie & Friends: Wacky Wild West

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  • Archie & Friends: Wacky Wild West

    Released by: Archie Comics
    Released on: August 5th, 2015.
    Written by: Various
    Art by: Various
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    I'm back again with another Archie & Friends review, this collection finds them having fun out west.

    So these stories seem to be fairly evenly split between tales set in the old west and the city slicker kids visiting dude ranches or other western themed spots, every story featuring Reggie seems to work in a reference to him resembling a horse's ass or slinging BS, I like that. Also, expect any story that involves "roping the critter of your choice" to lead to a female character roping a male character. If any of this sounds cheesy to you, well it is, but that's a big part of the charm in my book, you want serious? Go read some grim/dark comics, you want an easy smile then stick with Archie and his gang.

    My favorite story has to be Change of Plans. Mr. Lodge brings Archie, Jughead and the girls to a ghost town called Silverton that he plans to turn into a tourist attraction but things go awry in a slightly supernatural way.

    I also got a kick out of Little Archie in Film Fun, all the characters are drawn in an exaggerated 40's style as children. Little Archie is directing a western with Black Pete, Klondike Kate and Marshall Twerp but Archie the auteur has a twist ending up his sleeve... that doesn't mean all his actors will like it though.

    So let's talk about Westward Ho. Betty can't decide what to be for Halloween and she brings Archie to the costume shop to help her decide between three outfits: a vamp, a witch and Cleopatra. Of course she winds up as a cowgirl to lasso Archie and keep him in line. That's not what I wish to discuss though, no I want to point out that Archie keeps disappearing to chat up other girls which leads to Betty lassoing him. Poor Betty, she always plays second fiddle to all the other girls. I mean, I know Veronica is her best friend/rival (frenenmy) but this story sees Archie talking to Cheryl, Rhonda and Glenda while out with Betty. Damn son, you might as well go into the plumbing business with all the pipe you're trying to lay.

    But I digress, as I pointed out in the last review I did, Betty seems to have contented herself with being Archie's sidepiece though she constantly tries to be his main girl. What happened in her life to make her so desperate for his attention? She's attractive and popular with any number of talents.

    I love reading these comics, I really do, I hope you're all enjoying reading my reviews as much as I'm enjoying writing them.

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