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Running Wild - Resilient

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  • Running Wild - Resilient

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    Released by: Steamhammer/SPV
    Released on: October 22, 2013.
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    Running Wild have been around since the early 80's with roots under a different name going back as far as the mid to late 70's. Headed by vocalist/guitarist Ralph "Rock 'n' Rolf" Kasparek this is a band that has always sailed in trad metal waters - specifically of the German 80's variety. Almost unknown outside of Europe and especially Germany they've had limited success in the USA despite a 30 year career.

    "Resilient" finds Kasparek - the sole founding member and basically this band's Lemmy/David Coverdale in a modern power metal/hard rockin' mold not dissimilar to current SAXON. This is no frills stuff bolstered by melodic lead guitars, bouncy and driving rhythms and slick but catchy choruses. While lacking the all-out boogie bottom end of recent Motí¶rhead or even Saxon's more hi-tech edge or Accept's recent dalliances with violent aggression it is still a winning formula for classic metal.

    Yeah, the lyrics are dumb and it lacks the whole wondrously absurd element that permeated their "pirate metal" era (google that - I dare ya!) but if the straight stuff is what you crave this one delivers. Opener "Soldiers Of Fortune" harkens back to their first 2 lps with its growling vocals and straightforward riff and the closing "Bloody Island" is a proper epic at 9 plus minutes that wouldn't shame Judas Priest (though it is no "Loch Ness"). Despite the not so farewell tour a couple of years ago - hey if KISS can pull this crap why not RW - and the not so hot last couple of CDs (I'm looking
    at you "The Brotherhood") Rolf and the gang are properly back in the saddle on this one. Support the boys on the home stretch would ya Mateys?

    Recommended - goofy but effective trad metal that shames the now pathetic Manowar - with not a crap orchestral interlude or jaw-droppingly awful Greek lyric in sight. Hoist the black flag and set sail on the metal seas.

    The complete track listing for the album is:

    1. Soldiers Of Fortune / 2. Resilient / 3. Adventure Highway / 4. The Drift / 5. Desert Rose / 6. Fireheart / 7. Run Riot / 8. Down To The Wire / 9. Crystal Gold / 10. Bloody Island / 11. Payola & Shenanigans (bonus track) / 12. Premonition (bonus track)

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