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D.O.A., Live At club Europa, Brooklyn, New York, September 14, 2013

    Ian Jane

  • D.O.A., Live At Club Europa, Brooklyn, New York, September 14, 2013

    Joey 'Shithead' Keithley (you can read an interview we did with him a few years ago here!) has kept D.O.A. going for a long time now, in fact, they've been going since 1978. At this point, they don't owe anybody anything, they're road weary and have long since paid their dues and established themselves as punk rock legends. As it stands, however, all good things must come to an end and last night the band rolled into Brooklyn for the New York stop on their farewell tour. Yep, D.O.A. are pretty much calling it quits and they're sending things off with a bang. This tour has made a lot of stops in Canada and now the U.S. and there are more stops to go, but for some of us, the end of D.O.A. marks the end of an era. Joey's going into politics, an arena he has dabbled in for some time now in his native Vancouver, British Columbia. But if last night proved anything, it's that even now, fast approaching sixty, he's still got a lot of fire left inside. He's still snotty, he's still angry, he's still got bleached blonde hair, he still drinks a lot of beer and probably most importantly, he's still got something to say. When this tour is over, he's just taking it to a different medium.

    Club Europa is a weird spot. Located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn it's right in the middle of the Polish district. It's got a small but decent stage and couch seating in the back next to mirrored walls. Mirrored walls? Yep. Why? Because once 11pm comes around on the weekend, Europa turns into a Polish dance club. So this show was on the early side. Doors were at six, we got there shortly after eight. The first band of the night was Stale Phish out of Detroit but we missed them. Agitator were to go on next, followed by Disaster Strikes, but apparently disaster struck, because Disaster Strikes never showed up. Agitator came out, warmed up a bit, and launched straight into a pretty blistering thirty minutes or so of solid hardcore. Good stuff. Hadn't heard this band before, the vocalist was great and the band was tight and heavy. Was glad we made it in time to see these guys.

    D.O.A. came out next. Well, Joey had been wandering around prior. Having some beers at the bar, as he is known to do, and talking to anyone who wanted to talk to him when not manning the merchandise table. He's a friendly guy, definitely appreciates his fans. The trio hit the stage at roughly 9:30pm, give or take fifteen minutes, and they delivered. Joey ranted about the NYPD and an experience that they'd had with a not so friendly representative of New York's finest while trying to get their van to the venue (and then launching into Police Brutality, off of the latest album), and he thanked the crowd about twenty times for being there. The place was about half full, or so it seemed, but that didn't stop the band from cranking through an energetic hour or so of songs from throughout their career, even working in a cover of Overkill's Fuck You which was unexpected but pretty great.

    The crowd was into it, the band equally so. The energy was nuts, this was D.O.A. doing what they do and doing it well. There's no need for them to retire, but you can't really hold it against Joey for wanting to move on. He'll still be around, he'll probably show up with his guitar in hand at every protest that happens in Vancouver from now until he's six feet under. With that said, the fact that once this tour is over the band as we know it are finished? Well, that's sad. But hey, they had an amazing run and last night in Brooklyn they reminded everyone who was there why they were, are and always will be the kings of punk, hockey and beer!

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