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SODOM - Epitome Of Torture

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  • Sodom - Epitome Of Torture

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    Released by: SPV
    Released on: May 7, 2013.
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    SODOM are now 30 years old. Hard to believe, but Tom Angelripper's musical Panzer division have been around since the Reagan administration.

    For a career this long playing "extreme" music SODOM has had surprisingly few slips into the musical abyss. There was no "pop" phase. Angelripper did do some solo albums - but they didn't break up the band. And while there have been plenty of lineup changes (and even some deaths - RIP Chris Witchhunter) the core sound has been remarkably consistent.

    SODODM are essentially the MOTORHEAD of German thrash. The song remains the same for the most part but its a damn good tune. "Epitome" opens with some cool gentle acoustic strumming that leads into pummeler "My Final Bullet". Immediately noticeable is that SODOM is playing very much in the classic vein of "Persecution Mania" and "Agent Orange". That patented galloping drum track topped with some rock solid riffs that erupt into quicksilver guitar licks defines "Stigmatized" while "Cannibal" features some almost hardcore vocal shouting pared up with a more straight stomping rhythm. "Katjuschka" starts with a clever Russian-themed opening before heading into more bullet belt territory. As for the players, current guitarist Bernemann delivers some excellent leads throughout the album. He's fast and fluid without overwhelming the material. Angelripper's vocals have been mixed fairly prominently - but he sounds fantastic. His gravelly broken glass voice is loaded with character and the slight German accent just ups the metal factor. Much like Lemmy and Udo Dirkschneider of ACCEPT/UDO fame Angelripper has one of those voices that love it or hate it you won't forget it. And he's lost little power since the days of the Berlin wall. Aside from some processing on the vocals these vocal tracks could have been from the "Sodomy And Lust" days. The drumming is also highly accomplished. This is a well-oiled war machine.

    Closing with the slightly more mid-paced but crushing "Tracing The Victim" SODOM close the curtain on this one. And that's it. SODOM have delivered the goods again. Highly recommended.

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