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The Meatmen - Live At Europa, Brooklyn, NY August 31, 2012.

    Ian Jane

  • The Meatmen - Live At Europa, Brooklyn, NY August 31, 2012.

    Tesco Vee and his latest incarnation of the three decade old Meatmen played Europa in Brooklyn on August 31, 2012. Taking the stage looking resplendent in his Flamenco style ABBA pants, a feather boa, light up devil horns and a blinking LED belt buckle reminding us that 'YOU SUCK' he thrust a giant inflatable cock into the crowd and showered them with confetti. There weren't a lot of people in the club that night, the Friday of a long weekend when a lot of New Yorkers get the Hell out of town for a few days, but those who were in attendance were rowdy and enthusiastic enough to make up for it and Tesco and company didn't short change anybody.

    Tearing though established Meatmen classicks like Pope On A Rope, I Want Drugs, Rock N Roll Juggernaut and War Of The Superbikes we were also treated to an updated version of One Down, Three To Go (now performed as Two Down, Two To Go since George Harrison shuffled off this mortal coil). Just as interesting were a few new tracks from the upcoming album Tesco informed us will be titled Lancing Liberace, the highlight being Kill Kunt Koulter, a touching ballad about Tesco's obvious appreciation for everyone's favorite horse faced right wing political commentator.

    As those familiar with the band would expect, we got a few interesting 'Tesco rants' as well. Given that the night after this show The Meatmen were playing the 2000 Tons TNT Festival in Hartford, a three day festival originally intended to include FEAR, Tesco didn't mix words about why Lee Ving and company cancelled. Apparently in the midst of re-recording their classic album The Record with Dave Grohl at the helm, Tesco ranted about this for a few minutes before launching into two FEAR covers - Beef Bologna and I Love Living In The City (which was included on The Meatman Cover The Earth album).

    Plenty of goofy props and Tesco Rags, pre-printed mini-banners containing slogans and images relating to the songs from the set helped add to the fun. The stage, bathed almost continuously in ominous red light saw the night come to a close with a rousing cover of Venom's In League With Satan - lots of audience participation during this one. The set was on the short side (at 11:30pm Europa turns from a punk rock club into a Polish disco - seriously!) but it was rowdy as Hell and Tesco, now fifty-seven years old, shows no signs of slowing down. The new stuff sounds good and is just as gleefully offensive as anything else they've done and the backing band touring with him are tight as tight can be and definitely in the right spirit to keep the band very much alive. All in all, a great night of raunchy punk rock performed by a man who may be very close to traditional retirement age and who thankfully refuses to grow up. Thanks to the guys at Scenic Propaganda, one of the coolest promotors in the city, for putting on the show.

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      Great review, sad to hear that FEAR are indeed re-recording The Record. I'll have to check out the Meatmen live if they get up this way.
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