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Grindhouse Trash Collection Part 2 (After Hours Cinema) DVD Review

    Ian Jane

  • Grindhouse Trash Collection Part 2 (After Hours Cinema) DVD Review

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    Released by: After Hours Cinema
    Released on: July 17th, 2007.
    Director: Charles Lamont, Bob Chinn
    Cast: Toni Scott, Bobby Astyr, Alan Marlow
    Year: 1975, 1970
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    Grindhouse Trash Collection Part 2 - Movie Review:

    The Grindhouse Trash Part 2 Collection compiles three goofy examples of seventies skin flicks, spreading them across two discs and slapping on a few nifty extras for good measure. While none of the films are 'good' in the traditional sense, even by seventies porno standards, they're definitely quirky and crazy enough that they're nothing short of entertaining.


    The first feature was directed by Charles Lamont. His liner notes explain it was the last feature he shot and that once this was done he simply worked as a camera man.

    The film starts with a blonde stewardess making it with her man on an airplane. This doesn't last long and we cut to a guy named Bob looking for the stewardess. He tells her roommate that he's brought her some flowers. The roommate, named Judy (Toni Scott), lets him in. Judy tells him that she's a dancer and that he can wait if he likes and they have a glass of cold gin (is the heater broke? Are they so tired?). Meanwhile, the couple on the plane is back at it. The film cuts back and forth between the two couples as some fuzzed out rock plays on the soundtrack and soon enough, Bob and Judy are fucking like rabbits to the romantic sounds of some pleasant banjo strumming.

    Soon enough, evidently the stewardess has finished her flight and she comes home to find Bob and her roommate going at it which turns her on so much that she can't help but put her fingers in the fur. Judy finds her on the floor and brings her into the room to play along with she and Bob. They have a three way and then we see some stock footage inserts of an airport.

    Two men, one of whom is Bobby Astyr, bicker about getting laid while on a plane. Looks like the stewardess is back at work again. She asks them men if they'd like anything to eat, one man grabs her leg. She sits down between them and they rape her. Why isn't there anyone else on the plane? Who knows. Meanwhile, Judy finds herself wandering into the wrong apartment where a jive talking black dude with a knife throws her to the ground and rapes her. Once again, the film cuts between the two scenes. Are we supposed to draw parallels between the two rape scenes? Are they representative of something? Unlikely. The editing is so choppy and haphazard that at times it's hard to tell what's going on - but hey look, a plane! Yay for stock footage.

    Once that's over with, apparently it's Halloween? The stewardess is in her apartment, a pumpkin decoration on the door. A chubby dude in a doctor's outfit shows up. She and Judy are both wearing masks. The doorbell rings and a guy in a monster mask wearing a pith helmet arrives.

    Sadly, this version of In Flight Service is the edited softcore version. While After Hours Cinema should have acknowledged this on the outside of the packaging, the liner notes confirm this (and all you really have to do to see for yourself is take a quick peek at the sex scenes - no penetration here, kids!).Then some guy with a penis nose mask and a guy with a sheet over his head show up, followed by some girl we've never met before who has come dressed as herself. This chick sounds kinda like Fran Drescher. Everyone starts screwing, and when they finish the girls say 'We'd like to give you in flight service' and the movie ends.

    This film makes no goddamn sense at all.


    When the film begins, a foxy brunette named Lila Martin wanders her apartment and laments that Brian was killed in Vietnam (cue stock footage inserts now!) and how her life is cold and empty without a man in it. From there she puts down her book, drops her panties and diddles herself in front of the window. She continues to whine about how lonely she is and then she sits down and finger bangs herself, moaning to poor dead Brian as she goes about her dirty business. She's interrupted by a phone call from one of Brian's war buddies, and she invites him over to talk. His name is Chuck and a couple of hours later, he and his impressive sideburns pull up in his Porsche 914 and arrive at the door. The two have coffee and get to know one another and soon enough, she's complaining about being lonely and horny again. She tells Chuck he reminds her of Brian, and before you know it they're in bed together and he's going down on her. The bump uglies in full on hardcore detail to the sounds of some soothing instrumental music.

    After Chuck blows his load, Lila invites him to stick around for a while. He agrees and while Chuck enjoys a smoke Lila goes shopping for a few hours. While she's out running errands, Chuck is having a three-way with another dude and a chick with crazy green eye make-up. Lila comes home and catches the three of them in the act, and she's none too impressed. Chuck tries to explain but she's having none of it and she kicks him out. The phone rings and it's Lila's old friend, Janine. True to form, Lila invites her and her Australian husband to come over and spend the night. Seconds later the doorbell rings and the three congregate in the living room and get caught up. Shortly thereafter Janine and her hubby get it on in the same bed where Lila recently boffed Chuck. As the pair makes dirty, dirty love Lila approaches the door and listens in. She rubs herself and then the scene ends, footage is obviously missing, the liner notes attest to this (again, this should have been noted on the packaging).

    Cut to a living room where Janine and her hubby are talking to some other guy who has shown up out of nowhere. They discuss their marriage (eight years is a long time!) and what it was like making their first skin flick. They talk about playing the roles as actors and actresses and how the fact that they're both nudists made things easier for them and then debate the merits of bestiality and taboo sex. The IMDB says Bob Chinn directed this one.

    As to Melvin Kissem? Where on Earth this title came from is anyone's guess. Three women talk about what a hard day at the office they had before discussing their various plans for the night. They've all got dates but as it turns out, despite what they tell one another, they've all called up a male escort service - satisfaction guaranteed!

    The guys all hang out in bed together, clothed, talking about their clients. The girls show up one at a time, making small talk with their studs and then getting down to business. They talk price (each of the male prostitutes agrees to do the deed for fifty dollars!), discuss what they're going to do and for how much. Once that's settled, the three couples get down to actually having sex. Once they're all done, the three couples meet up in a room with a small swimming pool, each of the three ladies continually asking 'What are you doing here?'

    Once they're done expressing their disbelief at the situation, all six of them hop into the pool and have an orgy before moving onto the carpeted floor and the bed for more multi-partner swapping, boffing and toe sucking. Everyone finishes up, the guys tell them that next time it's gonna cost the girls a hundred bones a piece, and the guys tell them that they do make office lunch break calls. Not surprisingly, there's no one named Melvin in this film.

    Grindhouse Trash Collection Part 2 - DVD Review:

    The three pictures in the set are presented fullframe and that looks to be the proper aspect ratio for each film. All three films suffer from print damage, scratches, grain and cigarette burns aplenty. Colors are faded but not completely washed out and sometimes things look a little soft. That said, everything is watchable and the transfers here look no better nor do they look any worse than most of the other un-restored presentations of old, obscure porno films from the seventies. An After Hours Cinema copyright notice has also been added to the title screen of each of the three features.

    The English language Dolby Digital Mono soundtracks are full of hiss, pops and some funky levels. That said, most of the time you can hear everything easily enough. Far from reference quality, these films don't sound good but even when they were brand new odds are they probably didn't sound so hot.

    Disc One starts off with a same goofy little animated After Hours Cinema cartoon promo. Aside from that, you'll also find trailers for The Grindhouse Trash Collection Volume 2, Sarno's Girl Meets Girl, 42nd St. Pete's 8mm Madness, 42nd St. Pete's Stars Of The 70s, 42nd St. Pete's Eurotrash Collection, Grindhouse Trash Collection, Grindhouse Honeymoon Collection, Diary Of A Nymph Collection, Chic 69, The Grindhouse Hostage Collection, The Lost Films Of Suzanne Fields, Sex On Wheels Collection, and last but not least, Shaun Costello's Forced Entry.

    Disc two contains only a link providing information on how to get the After Hours Cinema catalogue.

    Inside the keepcase is a booklet of liner notes courtesy of the mysterious 'After Hours Collector' which gives a decent plot synopsis of each movie and which points out a where edits have been made and where music has been changed. There isn't a lot of information out there on many of these films so much of this writing simply elaborates on a few of the more curious moments contained in each film. Everything is written with a good sense of humor and the addition of a couple of ad mats is a nice touch. Additionally, there's also a brief essay from Charles Lamont wherein he discusses making In Flight Service for producer Leonard Kirtman.

    Grindhouse Trash Collection Part 2 - The Final Word:

    Well, the edits and missing footage certainly are unfortunate but the three films in the Grindhouse Trash Collection Part 2 are all odd enough that they're definitely worth seeing, particularly for those with an affinity for quirky seventies smut.

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