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42nd Street Forever: The Peepshow Collection Volume 34 (Impulse Pictures) DVD Review

    Ian Jane

  • 42nd Street Forever: The Peepshow Collection Volume 34 (Impulse Pictures) DVD Review

    Released by: Impulse Pictures
    Released on: October 8th, 2019.
    Director: Various
    Cast: Susan Nero, John Holmes, Vanessa del Rio, Annette Haven, Jamie Gillis
    Year: 1970's - 1980's
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    42nd Street Forever: The Peepshow Collection Volume 34 - Movie Review:

    The Peepshow Collection series from Impulse Pictures keeps on going with this thirty-fourth installment containing over two hours of vintage smut! Here's what you get this time around…

    LOVELY RITA: Up first, a lovely blonde, presumably Rita, shows off her breasts for the camera while John Holmes looks on and wiggles his tongue at her. She strips and eats an apple while he warms her up and slips it in. They have sex on a dirty looking mattress and he takes the apple from her and has a bite. Then he shifts gears on her and uses the back door, no mean feat given the fact that he has a dong the size of my forearm, but Rita seems to be a good sport about this and then he finishes up as she gives him head, a glass of wine in her free hand that she then jerks him off into! And of course, she drinks it all down and then blows the camera a kiss.

    BLOODY MARY: John Holmes is back! A brunette is on her knees in front of him but they soon hop into bed where she blows him atop what looks like a faux-fur blanket in need of a wash. He rolls her over and gets her warmed up before spooning her and going to town. After that he lays back and she rides him for a spell, there's a nice geometric black and white pattern on the pillows, then she blows him to a finish.

    TEEN SUCKER: A scruffy looking hippie guy is reading some sheet music while tapping his gnarly bare feet on the denim clad ass of a young lady who looks like she needs a shower. After toe-ing her into horniness, she gets her clothes off and plays with herself for a bit. She takes down his bell bottoms and goes down and we notice the badly drawn pentagram tattoo on her right ass cheek. Is she a Satanist? It's probably a safe assumption. Anyway, they have sex and he finishes pretty quickly but then goes back for round too. She's also got a lot of large silver rings on her fingers and some bad costume jewelry around her neck.

    NEVER TOO HOT: This one starts off with a title card that says 'ADULTS ONLY,' so keep the kiddies away from this one. When the loop itself starts, a shaggy dude is waving a pendent back and forth in front of a young lady in knee high boots. There's bad wall paper behind them and an oil painting of a naked lady in the background. This man is a hypnotist - what will he do to this lass once she is under his control? Why, he'll walk her into a different room, get her naked and then bang her on a weirdly large wooden table. This table looks like it might be a billiards table with a wooden cover on it - that would explain the size of it. If not, this guy has a back room with a really big wooden table in it for some reason. Maybe he does this to chicks a lot and so he has a need for it. Anyway, they have pretty regular sex and she's kinda cute.

    WHERE'S POPPA: If we're to assume that poppa is the old guy sitting in a chair when this loop starts, then clearly we know where he is - he's in the fucking chair. Anyway, a guy in a shirt with a fruit print on it walks into the room with a gal in a striped getup and a green headband. They sit on the couch and fruity shirt leaves, at which point poppa moves in on the lady. He fondles her and gets her naked. Unfortunately, he gets naked too. He looks kind of like Ed Asner. If you've ever wondered what Ed Asner looks like, or how he fucks, this loop will answer all of those questions for you and more. And just when you think it can't get much worse? He pisses in her mouth. She's into it though, so fair play. When it's all done, fruity shirt sits down - he's brought a few drinks - and poppa puts a ring on headband's finger. All's well that ends well I suppose.

    TRICKY JAWS: A guy with ol' afro moves in on a skinny chick in a kitchen. They start making out. He kinda looks like he could have been in the MC5 or something. Anyway, while they're making out, Jamie Gillis is in another room getting it on with a lean blonde lady, bending her over a very red couch. In the kitchen, they lay down a purple sheet and do it on the floor. He does her from behind and then pulls out… there's… something… on his cock and she licks it off. I dunno, that doesn't look good. Anyway, Jamie's going at it too and finishes up on his new friend's stomach. Then everyone puts their clothes on and it fades to black.

    MINX: This one is very dark so it's a bit tough to see what's going on but then the lights come on and a blonde girl blows two dudes at one while another dark haired girl stands over her and plays with herself. The guys split up, one dude banging the blonde and another doing the dark haired girl up the bum, but it soon turns into a bit of a pile on and it gets messy. I hesitate to mention that one guy has a giant wart on his dong, you can't miss it, but hey, you come here for the cold, hard facts, right? Sometimes life is ugly, and sometimes porn is ugly. This is one of those times. One dude gets cum on his eyebrow by mistake and looks visibly upset when this happens.

    VIOLATION OF A METER MAID (PART 1): A meter maid is walking around and she gives a black dude a ticket. He's pissed off. He grabs her and pulls her into a stairway. We cut to the interior where the meter maid and a girl dressed like a native American chick blow to guys wearing masks. They chain the meter maid to a wall and whip her, then chain her to the bed and all three participants rape her. It's not a very convincing rape at all, in fact, the meter maid seems completely into it, even when she's getting poked by the end of a riding crop.

    VIOLATION OF A METER MAID (PART 2): In part 2, the maid is once again chained to the wall. She gets whipped by a guy wearing a bathing cap. Then she's back on the bed and they're all screwing her again. It turns into a big four-way and, again, nothing seems even remotely forced here and more than once our maid looks into the camera without any sort of upset look in her eye. This should, theoretically, be harsh and disturbing stuff but it isn't convincing enough to be there. Still, it's kinky and twisted

    TRIPLE JAWS: A trio of ladies walks into a room with weird purple stuff on the wall. Three dudes, one covered in tattoos, and they split into couples and start screwing on the floor. They all swap partners as the orgy progresses and there's a lot of blowing going on, but also some humping too. There are a lot of plants in the background and they look like they might be fake.

    LESBIAN ORGY: Vanessa Del Rio is hanging out with two chicks, both with reddish hair, on a couch in a room with a lot of fancy art on the walls. The chick in the middle gets naked first and then the other two follow suit. They rub boobs on other boobs, finger each other, go down, sit on one another's faces, all that rad lesbian stuff that rad lesbians do. One of the other girls looks like Sue Nero with exceptionally huge hair.

    LESBIAN MAIDS: This loop focuses on two maids, lesbians from the looks of things. They're hanging out in a room draped with fancy cloth on the walls, each lady partially clad in a French Maid's outfit. They have some drinks and get to smooching, and smooching leads to fingering and titty kissing which then leads to… the oral sex! For a while they just lie there looking at each other and masturbating, but then they get into a sixty-nine for a while before finding a toy and using that and then it just sort of ends.

    THE GEISHA PRINCESS: An Asian woman in fancy garb, we're led to believe she may be a princess, sits cross-legged on the floor in a room that features décor that, I guess if you squint, could be considered vaguely appropriate. Another Asian woman comes into the room and feeds her grapes but the princess isn't interested in grapes, she's interested in having her boobs sucked. The girl who isn't the princess heads south and then after a bit of that they both get naked and make out and do the whole fingering/tonguing each other thing. It's pretty cool.

    UNTITLED: A black chick and a white chick are clad in cheap lingerie hanging out on a big couch smoking with a creepy Raggedy Anne doll between them. That's no regular cigarette, that's a doobie! The doll has a dildo attached to it and they suck it and play with it for a bit and then decide to suck each other and play with each other instead. They take the dildo and do what you do with dildos, and after they've had their share of that they find a pair of maracas and use those in its place! Didn't see that coming. Fade to black!

    CLEOPATRA AND THE MAGIC TONGUE: Last but certainly not least, a beautiful woman who is probably supposed to be Cleopatra but who is in fact Annette Haven, eats a banana fed to her by her lady friend who looks like Desiree West. They take their clothes off and start sucking various body parts - you know how this stuff goes. Bonus points for putting Annette in a fancy Middle Eastern style headdress - but she takes it off about half way through, probably made it hard to go down on her friend. The end!

    42nd Street Forever: The Peepshow Collection Volume 34 - DVD Review:

    Each of the 8mm loops on this disc are presented in their original 1.34.1 fullframe aspect ratio and transferred from film. They haven't been fully restored so expect a fair bit of print damage and plenty of visible scratches but that doesn't really detract from the experience much. Colors are faded and black levels all over the place but if the elements are in rough shape, at least the disc is well authored and not plagued by compression artifacts or edge enhancement problems.

    The audio is on par with the video, sort of. This stuff was shot without sound, so really we just the 'click' of a projector in terms of audio, there's really not much to write about here.

    Extras? Nope. You get a menu and loop selection but that's it.

    42nd Street Forever: The Peepshow Collection Volume 34 - The Final Word:

    42nd Street Forever: The Peepshow Collection Volume 34 is a noticeably weird mix of stuff - you get the standard boy/girl stuff, some rad lesbian stuff, but then you get old people sex and faux-bondage/rape stuff too, not to mention too gals using maracas in ways that they are probably rarely used. There really is something here for everyone!

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