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The Lost Films Of Suzanne Fields Vol. II (Alpha Blue Archives) DVD Review

    Ian Jane

  • The Lost Films Of Suzanne Fields Vol. II (Alpha Blue Archives) DVD Review

    The Lost Films Of Suzanne Fields Vol. II (Alpha Blue Archives) DVD Review
    Released by: Alpha Blue Archives
    Released on: December, 2015.
    Director: N/A, Mark Hunter, N/A, N/A
    Cast: Suzanne Fields, John Holmes, Sandy Dempsey, Sandy Carey, Rene Bond, Ric Lutz
    Year: 1973, 1971, 1972, 1975

    The Lost Films Of Suzanne Fields Vol. II - Movie Reviews:

    Suzanne Fields made a pretty big name for herself in west coast hardcore of the seventies. She was an attractive and vivacious performer who always seemed to be enjoying herself on screen. She's probably best known for her appearance in Flesh Gordon, but Alpha Blue Archives presents four of her lesser known efforts on DVD for the more discerning fan.

    Double Exposure:

    The first thing that Double Exposure has in common with High Fashion Models is the opening shot to Exposure, which is used as establishing shot in Fashion. The second thing in common is John Holmes. And then the third thing is the fucking part. Holmes plays a shutter bug who gets too involved in his nude photography work, and plows the models (his first lady has labia that resembles a tomcat's scrotum). Part of his photography venture involves taking pictures of his encounters via a self-timer (and he somehow manages to get different angles from a stationary camera on a tripod) and selling them to an older guy. Thank God you don't have to watch him have sex. Oops, never mind. You get to see him have sex. Fast forward and it's on to another photo shoot with Droopy.

    Then the plot thickens. The older guy gets Johnny a male model in the studio and the photo nut does a shoot with him and a chick in a softcore shoot. John leaves them alone for a bit, and guess what they do. No! He rapes her! And she's crying the whole time. Not cool. John pays him and then kicks him out. The rapist was captured on film, sees the photos, and turns them into the cops. The cops arrest John and the old fart for running a pornography ring and the movie ends. Seems the producers ran out of the lunch money someone gave them to make this movie. As bad as it is, still, it's a piece of cinema history (well, perhaps store front theater history) and now it can be witnessed by all who feel the need to bear witness to bad smut.

    -Todd Jordan

    This fifty-minute film was also released on After Hours Cinema's Grindhouse Triple Feature: John Holmes Rare Films Collection, reviewed here. High Fashion Models was also included on that set, which is why this review makes mention of it. There are no opening or closing credits of any kind on the print used to source this transfer but it's neat to see both Ms. Fields and Sandy Dempsey show up in the movie.

    Naked Encounters:

    The title card on this one actually reads Naked Encounter, there's no 's' on the end, but hey, that's okay (there are no credits but there is a title card!). Not a big deal. The story this time around is… pretty hard to figure out. A guy yells out 'poontang time' and some girls line up and show off the goods. The guys in the room ogle them and then one guy, Ric Lutz, picks one girl, Rene Bond, and they head into a different room to fuck. She's nervous at first but he's nice to her and puts her at ease, and once she's at ease, well, Rene does here what Rene does best. For some reason there's a pole in the middle of the room. Weird. Anyway, pre-boob job Rene looks great here and clearly she and Lutz had good chemistry together. They get into it and give some good performances, it's a very lengthy scene by seventies porn standards.

    After that, they head back into the room and after a bit of nonsensical dialogue about nightmares and eating dagwood sandwiches, some sort of military guy (Tom Stone) runs off into a separate room with Nancy Martin and Suzanne Fields. The girls push two beds together, take his pants down and go to town while nearby Sandy Carey screws some lucky unidentified dude. Then it basically turns into an orgy as Sandi Carey, Suzanne Fields, Jim Frost and Tom Stone all go at it.

    There's no story here at all, really, but the sex is performed with enthusiasm by a pretty game cast. Rene Bond fans will definitely appreciate this one as she's great in that opening scene, but both Fields and Carey are in very fine form as well. The direction is… fine - people are really just having a lot of fun screwing each other here, it's not like whoever was behind the camera had a whole lot to do, but it's decent enough and yeah, Rene Bond.

    This one, which runs just short of fifty-two-minutes, was also previously released by Something Weird Video on Volume 13 of their Dragon Art Theater line.

    Run, Jackson, Run:

    A man talks to his wife, Donna (Suzanne Fields), on the phone. She wants to go away with him for the weekend but nope, doctor's orders, she's gotta stay home. She tells him to have fun and call her when he's back. This man is Jack Sharp (Alex Eliott) and he tells some guy off camera named Walter that he's going for lunch and he splits. He leaves the real estate office where he's employed, hops into his blue Mustang and heads over to a ladies place. The lady, Jane (Andy Bellamy), takes good care of him and after a bit of chit-chat they get down to bumping uglies. Jane, however, wants more from Jack than just a good fuck - she wants him to leave his wife and run off with her.

    He heads back to work where his boss, the aforementioned Walter, asks him to take fifteen grand in cash, a down payment for a house, to the bank for him. In true Marion Crane fashion, he takes the cash, gets in his car and splits for Mexico to meet up with Jane. Unfortunately for Jack, he runs out of gas on the way. Fortunately for Jack, two lovely ladies, Phyllis and her friend (Sandy Carey and Roshell Rush) pick him up and soon enough, Carey takes care of his business while her brunette friend watches. Once Phyllis has had her way with Jack, her friend gets him hard again for round two. Things take an interesting turn after the bang session when Jack decides to run off with his cash and, along the way, picks up a pretty blonde, Jackie (Nancy Martin), at the side of the road. The camp for the night out in the desert and, of course, fuck like rabbits. After that, they have a heavy talk about questions that people have to answer for themselves. Jack tells her he's decided to stop running and that he's going to go home and straighten things out. There's a twist here, and it's a bad one, but we won't spoilt that here. Let it suffice to say that Ms. Fields returns to the film in a big way.

    A goofy, noir-inspired XXX quickie, this was shot fast and cheap but it's got some okay location work. Alex Eliott isn't the most impressive leading me. He's really, really hairy and he has an awful haircut. He's also not a very good actor. Still, the ladies in this are at least nice to look at and it's neat to get Carey and Fields in the same film again. Throwing super cute Andy Bellamy into the mix doesn't hurt anything either. At fifty-five-minutes in length it's not a particularly heavy investment on the viewers part and if this is no undiscovered classic, it's at least entertaining… even if the ending is frustratingly cut off, leaving both the final sex scene and the plot unresolved.

    This film was previously released on DVD-r by Something Weird Video as Volume 22 of their Dragon Art Theater line. This version was also missing the ending.

    Spaced Out:

    Last but not least, the forty-seven-minute Spaced Out! This one starts with a girl named Cleo (Suzanne Fields) trying to score some money for her junkie boyfriend Jamie (Gerard Broulard - the guy from the Breast Orgy loops!). Oh wait, it looks like Cleo is a junkie too. Their dealer is a man named Burt (Steven Jaworski). He picks her up in a car, drives her off to a motel room, offers her a drink and then figures out what she can do for him if she wants to earn twenty-dollars' worth of dope. Soon enough, they're off in the bedroom and he's telling her to 'take your clothes off honey, I want to see that cute little ass of yours in the raw!' She obliges and he tells her it's better than he expected! Not surprisingly, they have sex. Burt's toupee is fucking amazing, it doesn't move at all and appears to be one solid piece of molded plastic.

    After that, a girl (Nora Wieternik - who also appeared in Flesh Gordon!), Jamie and some other guy smoke some weed and, once they're well and truly stoned, get naked and have a three-way. Clearly Jamie's no truer to Cleo than she is to him. Meanwhile, Cleo and Burt go at it for a second time in a fairly lengthy scene. From there, Burt takes a phone call from Cleo and he tells her that the cost of dope has gone up again! She comes over to his place again and he tells her she doesn't look good and that Jamie is hassling her for spending so much time with Burt. It turns out Jamie could be working but isn't, using a former bust as an excuse, and Burt tells her how lazy Jamie is. They fuck again and then Jamie shows up and they fight. The Hawaii Five-O theme makes an appearance on the soundtrack at this point, which is pretty rad. Most of the fight happens off camera because the cinematography sucks in this movie. Burt calls Jamie a punk and then there's a dramatic twist ending!

    Oh man, the melodrama is so thick in the last few minutes of this one you'd need a chainsaw to cut through it. And the acting? Remarkably awful! Fields looks as cute as a button in this picture but she doesn't do sad and tortured particularly convincingly. Gerard Broulard isn't bad as her angry junkie bum boyfriend while Steven Jaworski is hilariously terrible as the pusher man, grunting out his lines and referring to Cleo as 'baby' way too often. Nora Wieternik does a great job in her scene but she really only shows up for the three-way, she doesn't do much else in the film at all. The direction here is pretty rudimentary but despite this the sex is at least performed with a reasonable amount of enthusiasm. This is worth seeing if you are a Suzanne Fields fan as she gets a lot of screen time here. If you're not, well, it's amusing but there are better films to waste your time with than this one.

    Was this one also released on DVD-r by Something Weird Video? It sure was, on Volume 126 of the Dragon Art Theater line.

    The Lost Films Of Suzanne Fields Vol. II - DVD Review:

    Each of the four films on this disc arrives on DVD in its original 1.33.1 fullframe aspect ratio. The first three all look to have been sourced from film prints, albeit battered and unrestored ones. Expect a fair amount of print damage throughout, but this is watchable enough if you know what you're getting into. Thankfully, there are no annoying ABA video bugs on any of the prints used here. Spaced Out is definitely sourced from a tape that was previously sourced from a print, so you get tape rolls and print damage.

    The only audio option for the four feature attractions are English language Dolby Digital Mono tracks. There's hiss here and there and some jumps and spikes in the balance of the levels but for the most part the dialogue comes through okay. The third feature has some really noticeable hiss, to the point where it's pretty hard to hear the dialogue. This is most prevalent in the first few minutes though while it does improve, it never goes away entirely.

    Aside from static menus offering feature selection, there are no extra features whatsoever on the disc.

    The Lost Films Of Suzanne Fields Vol. II - The Final Word:

    Alpha Blue Archive's DVD release of The Lost Films Of Suzanne Fields Vol. II four not so lost films (they've all been previously released by other companies) featuring the lovely starlet in pretty decent roles. The presentations are less than perfect but they're watchable enough, particularly if you're familiar with how a lot of these older, more obscure, low-budget adult films tend to look. A good bit of entertainment value to be had here, and Ms. Fields is given plenty of screen time throughout.

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