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The Lost Films Of Sandy Carey

    Ian Jane

  • The Lost Films Of Sandy Carey

    Released by: Alpha Blue Archives
    Released on: December, 2015.
    Director: Godfrey Daniels/Various
    Cast: Sandy Carey, Starlyn Simone, Ric Lutz, Henry Farris, Suzzan Fields, Bill Scott, Fonda Peters, Bernie Schlitz
    Year: 1973/1973/1971

    The Lost Films Of Sandy Carey - Movie Reviews:

    Sandy Carey was the very living embodiment of the cute, blonde, all-American girl next door type, at least as far as her looks were concerned. Her career lasted from the late sixties through to the eighties and she not only starred in 'soft' trash classics lie Wham-Bam Thank You, Spaceman but plenty of legitimately pornographic films as well. Alpha Blue Archives compiles three of her seventies hardcore offerings on one DVD. Here's a look…

    Penelope's Education:

    Our first attraction, from 1973, features a whole lot of people acting under fake names like Margo Devaluation, Kriss Kross and Ann Legacy. There's a credit in the opening titles for one Sandy Cares, and that seems like a pretty good guess as to the alias she used for this shoot. The opening credits also give props to Hal Guthu for his work as director of photography, Edward Everett as writer and producer and one Mr. Godfrey Daniels (a pseudonym frequently used by Stu Segall) as director.

    The fifty-five-minute film tells the story of three young women. One of these women is Carey, the other one is a brunette and the third has very bouffant blonde. They're stranded in the middle of nowhere, it turns out that they were at a pot party that was raided by the fucking man! They try to look hot to attract a ride home, hitchhiker style, and sure enough a bald dude in a sweet Mustang stops to pick them up… at least Carey and Penny. The brunette has run off into the woods and been left alone. Soon enough, they pass the brunette and the bald guy, being a horny dude, stops to pick her up too. The girls talk him out of it.

    It turns out his name is John Lawrence. He asks the blondes their names and Carey tells them they're Nancy Drew and Penelope Parkenfarker, from Peoria, Pennsylvania. Penelope tells John that her dad used to work in a factory painting hockey pucks. Anyway, they make small talk in the car and it's clear that John is into Penelope. They drive into a field where there are some lovely haystacks an, well, he's hungry he tells them. Time for a picnic, complete with some wine and some song and some weird tuba-heavy music. After they eat, Nancy goes to smoke a doobie while Penelope and John get naked and fool around. He has terrible tighty-whities on and her hair is just fucking massive. Still, he drives a sweet Mustang so of course she puts out - but not so willingly.

    When that ends poorly, the girls grab their stuff and get to walking, eventually running into a random girl in a bikini. She tells them the next town is 20 miles away and that they won't make it before dark. No one uses this road after dark, so she offers to put them up at her place for the night - which Nancy says is 'far out!' It turns out that bikini girl is named Candy and she hates the 'motherfucking establishment' along with her old man. They head to her place where her hippie beau, Steve, talks about John Barrymore sitting underneath an Easy Rider poster sipping wine out of a jug from a straw. The hosts offer the girls the use of the spare room. Steve thinks that it's 'too much, you coming in with those two foxes, I thought someone had spiked me L… (snap)…S….(snap)….D!' They decide to come up with an angle that'll let them screw the girls - and that's to ask them if they want to fuck! Soon enough, Nancy and Steve are going at it - she wants him to take his stupid hat off but he refuses. Candy watches them screw and masturbates and once they're done, she heads into the room where Penelope is sleeping and gently coerces her into having rad lesbian sex using 'manipulative massage.' Eventually Nancy and Steve come into the room and Nancy and Candy scissor each other while Steve looks on with lust and Penelope with confusion.

    After that, Penelope decides that she's had enough and so she splits. She's picked up by a guy named Lance who drives her back to the city. She's clearly tense but he knows how to relax her back at his place where he gets her naked and bones her on his couch and gives her the loudest, yellingiest orgasm any woman has ever had in the history of orgasms. It is, in a word, unholy - yet, once they finish, she professes her love to him as they enjoy post-coital cuddling. Now fully educated, Penelope decides to stick around with Lance for a while rather than go back to Pennsylvania - but she warns him that if he does that, she might not want to leave him!

    Not much to this story. Carey plays the worldly girl who likes to fuck, the mystery bouffant titular Penelope is the naí¯ve one who doesn't understand why people fuck or how they do it. As they travel around California a bit, obviously that changes and, voila! The end. No real story here but the girls look good, even Ms. Bouffant - she's cute, despite the MASSIVE hair and MASSIVE verbalism or her climax. No one here is going to win an Oscar for their work, the acting is enjoyably goofy if not specifically good, but Carey gets a fair amount of screen time and her lesbian scene is pretty bad ass. There's also a nice 'time capsule' quality to the film, it would seem to capture the freewheeling vibe of early seventies California tonally, if maybe not so much factually.

    Essential? Nope! But entertaining and breezy enough to work.

    3 Phases Of Eve:

    Up next, a picture from 1973 that runs forty-five-minutes. The movie opens with a shrink named dr. Bushnell (played by none other than Ric Lutz!) narrating to himself and the audience his predicament - he's about to see Eve, a woman with a triple personality who cannot identify her sexually with the different roles that she's been tough to play. Don't take the science behind this one too seriously or you'll give yourself a brain aneurysm. We then learn about the first time the doctor met her (her being Carey) and how she confessed to him about the three different Eves. Eve #1 is a prim and proper housewife while Eve #2 is a temptress and a very sensual woman who enjoys sex to the fullest. Eve #3 is the swinger, the happy one who will have sex with anyone, anywhere. The session reveals that Eve #2 and #3 are the versions she finds herself inhabiting the most these days - and that means she's horny!

    Even if this is hard on her husband, we learn how Eve #1 was making dinner when he came home from work and made passes at her. One thing lead to another and she became Eve #2, and they screwed like maniacs while dinner burned on the stove only a few feet from where they got it on! The doctor tries to have her try some relaxation techniques in hopes that she'll talk about Eve #3, but it doesn't work. She will, however, talk about Eve #2 - where we learn how she picked up a guy at a bar (Rick Cassidy) and screwed him while her husband (Henry Farris) was watching in the doorway and then joined in.

    As the story progresses, serious man of science Dr. Bushnell calls Professor Cleaver for advice on how to handle this case. Later that night, Eve calls the doctor - she's found herself at a party, an orgy really, and tells him that he has to come over and help her. He gets the address and arrives at 671 North Havenhurst - but first he has to go home and get changed! While he does that, she gets coerced into screwing around with Suzanne Fields, Starlyne Simone and Bill Scott. The doctor shows up, decked out in a polyester outfit with brass stud accents, and Eve jumps his bones while the other two gals work Bill over in the next room. This leads to a goofy 'twist' ending that involves Lutz smoking and Carey… smoking something else.

    Not much to this one, really, except for Carey, and to be fair, she makes the most of it. She's got screen presence and sex appeal to spare and she makes the most of the generous screen time that she's given in this particular film. It's interesting to see her play the three different Eve's here - they're more or less all horny and willing and so there's not so much difference, but it's fun because it's her and she's just good on camera. The rest of the cast? Great to see Ms. Simone show up here, she's a fox, and Lutz does fine as the inappropriately dressed psychiatrist. He's hardly a volcano of charisma but he's fine in the lead. Really though, Carey is the reason to see this.

    Note that this was released in a softcore variant by Seduction Cinema under the alternate title of Sexual Confessions. The version included on this Alpha Blue Archives DVD release is a hardcore version.

    The Psychiatrist:

    The third and final feature on the disc, made in 1971, is a fifty-one-minute picture presented by 'FUCK FILMS' starring Bernie Schitz and Fonda Peters with Daisy Lay, Dick Long and Betty Bush directed by one Antonia Voyeur! The opening credits also note that the movie was filmed in MACROSCOPE AND VAGINACOLOR, so take that as you will.

    When the story begins, a pretty, smiley, bright-eyed brunette has shown up at a doctor's office for her three o'clock appointment. Her name is Barbara Parker. The receptionist is played by Sandy Carey. She lets her into the office where the doctor is very happy to see her, who is quite taken with her beauty.

    As he talks to her, he uses an amulet of some sort to hypnotize her and then quizzes her about her past. First up, we learn how she was walking home from school one day alone when an older, and reasonably gross, man drove up and called to her. When she couldn't hear, she went closer to him and realized that he was jerking off in his Volkswagen Karmann Ghia. We then learn how she had a black man named William fix her bike and how when she went to pick it up she spied on him as he had sex with a young black woman - 'She was so hair that it looked as if there was a forest between her legs… I wondered if someday I would be that hairy.' It was the seventies after all.

    After that, Barbara talks about heading home and masturbating in the shower before our next remembrance, wherein she tells us about Jimmy, a boyfriend she had at school. Once her mother found out what happened on the picnic they went to she made them break up but we get to see what happened on that picnic, the two of them making out in the backseat of his car parked near the river to an instrumental version of Parsley, Sage, Rosemary And Thyme playing on the soundtrack. It turns out she likes having her breasts sucked and understands why women like nursing babies. Not weird at all? No, definitely weird. Anyway, they screw and we see it in flashback and learn that she kissed his 'thing!' Jimmy has a great moustache, cool sideburns and it looks like he drives a Citroen! When they have sex she bleeds. Barbara's confessions continue, we learn how she ran into trouble with a surprise history test, went home and went for a swim while a flamenco guitar version of a The Beatles' song 'And I Love Her' plays in the background. William shows up and they screw poolside, only to get busted by her mom. Oops! Mom told the cops William raped her and he wound up in jail. The shrink tells her it was for the best. William, who had her consent, would probably disagree.

    From there, the doctor tells her what she needs to do, how she should deal with this and how she should get close to him so he can know what to do with her. Soon enough, they're fooling around… BUT Barbara realizes she's being taken advantage of and she leaves, calling him 'just another dirty old man!' and running out the door. The doctor then talks to Ms. Carey about his hypnotherapy practices, which leads to him bringing her into his office, hypnotizing her and fucking her on the chair. When she comes out of her trance she admits that she feels great and that she liked the therapy because she's no longer tense. They have two more patients for the day and so they decide to get back to work!

    The movie basically ends there, without any resolution to Barbara's plight or repercussions for the doctor's philandering ways. This isn't the most strikingly original adult film ever made but it's fun, entertaining and occasionally sexy enough to work. The IMDB credits Fonda Peters in the lead, she doesn't appear to have any other credits but she is both attractive and enthusiastic when it comes to performing in front of the camera. She's nice looking and doesn't overdo it the way some actors do in adult movies. Given that she gets a lot of screen time in the movie her presence can be credited for much of the movie's effectiveness. There's a sense of humor and irony here as well that goes a long way towards making the film entertaining. We know that the doctor is working his way towards fucking his patient, it's pretty obvious, but seeing him work his way there, while not politically correct at all, is kind of funny in a hokey, dated sort of way.

    Not enough? While Sandy Carey fucks the doctor, we get weird hypno-wheel footage played overtop of Iron Butterfly's In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida plays in the background. If that doesn't sell you on this, I don't know what to tell you. You've gotta love the drums in that song.

    The Lost Films Of Sandy Carey - DVD Review:

    Each of the three films on this disc arrives on DVD in its original 1.33.1 fullframe aspect ratio. These all look to have been sourced from film prints, albeit battered and unrestored ones. The first picture mau have been dumped onto tape before that tape was slapped onto disc. Expect a fair amount of print damage throughout, but this is watchable enough if you know what you're getting into. ABA has also put an annoying video but on the title cards for each feature on the disc, as is visible on the screen caps below.

    The only audio option for the three feature attractions are English language Dolby Digital Mono tracks. There's hiss here and there and some jumps and spikes in the balance of the levels but for the most part the dialogue comes through okay. The second feature has some noticeable and obnoxious buzzing in certain shots - not every single one, but a few of them. It's strange and irritating.

    Aside from static menus offering feature selection, the disc also includes some bonus loops featuring Ms. Carey. In the first loop, Carey approaches a muscleman lying on the bed reading a magazine. She distracts him with all of her feminine goods, and after giving him a bit of a linger-heavy strip tease, they screw. Sandy looks great here but buddy's denim patchwork jeans are ridiculous and a crime against humanity. Still, Sandy is more of less on fire here, so it's worth checking out for sure. The second loop sees Carey hop into bed with a rough looking dude and a reasonably attractive looking woman with giant piled on dark hair for a three-way that happens on a bed with really, really red sheets near a wonky plant in the corner of the room. Sandy sucks this guy's toes at one point, so yeah, but she looks great in her black stockings, garters and heels. Some fetishes are classic for a reason, you know.

    The Lost Films Of Sandy Carey - The Final Word:

    Alpha Blue Archive's DVD release of The Lost Films Of Sandy Carey offers up three genuinely solid entries from Ms. Carey's extensive and underappreciated filmography on DVD. The quality leaves moer than a little to be desired, these are watchable but they don't really look good, but the movies themselves? They're pretty enjoyable little smut fest. Throw in some bonus loops and it's hard for anyone who appreciates Ms. Carey's assets not to find a whole lot of enjoyment on this disc.

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