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Drive-In Delirium: The New Batch

    Ian Jane

  • Drive-In Delirium: The New Batch

    Released by: Umbrella Entertainment
    Released on: April 4th, 2018.
    Director: Various
    Cast: Various
    Year: Various
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    The Movie:

    The third entry in Umbrella Entertainment's ongoing Drive-In Delirium series of trailer collections

    The trailers that make up pretty much the entirety of Drive-In Delirium: The New Batch are broken up into two sections and presented as follows (with some drive-in intermission ads and related bits thrown in here and there for good measure):

    Part One - The Quickening:

    The Creeping Unknown / The Angry Red Planet / The Green Slime / Chosen Survivors / Meteor / The Dark / Without Warning / Xtro / Altered States / Silent Rage / 1990: The Bronx Warriors / Night Of The Comet / The Quiet Earth / Terror Vision / The Hidden / The Curse / Our Man Flint / When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth / The Golden Voyage Of Sinbad / Doc Savage: Man Of Bronze / Wizards / They Call Me Mister Tibbs / The Stone Killer / The Laughing Policeman / Freebie And The Bean / Brannigan / Night Moves / 10 To Midnight / Tightrope / Gorky Park / Dead Heat / Bring Me The Head Of Alfredo Garcia / Convoy / Death Machines / Game Of Death / Swordkill / Exterminator 2 / Death Wish 3 / Striking Back / Rolling Vengeance / The Killing Of America / Savage Attraction / Fair Game / Hellhole / The Naked Cage / The Casandra Crossing / The Domino Principle / Eye Of The Needle / Cabo Blanco / Death Hunt / Fragment Of Fear / The Eyes Of Laura Mars / The Last Embrace / Still Of The Night / Death Valley / Highpoint / The Naked Face / Dead Ringers / Attack Force Z / Missing In Action / Mata Hari / Death Rides A Horse / Adios, Sabata / Valdez Is Coming / The Hunting Party / Breakheart Pass / From Noon Till Three / Linda And Abilene / The Last Tango / Caligula / They're Playing With Fire / Every Home Should Have One / The Pink Panther Strikes Again / High Anxiety / History Of The World Part 1 / The Man With Two Brains / Cannonball Run II / Amazon Women On The Moon / Breakin' 2 - Electric Boogaloo.

    This first batch is all over the place in terms of genre representation, but that makes it more fun to watch. We start with a selection of sci-fi horror, with The Creeping Unknown (also known as The Quatermass Xperiment), before getting pretty gory with Xtro (this is a seriously GREAT trailer) before then shifting gears into horror and action territory with visits from Chuck Norris and the cast of Terror Vision. From there, we genre hop a lot - we get some Harryhausen, a good bit of Bronson, some great 70's cop movies, some Peckinpah and legit fare like Gorky Park before then heading into trash movie territory with Exterminator 2. Other highlights include Striking Back (also known as The New Kids) - in which a young, bleach blonde James Spader plays a crazy guy - a really tense spot for The Casandra Crossing, a very cool piece for The Eyes Of Laura Mars, an unsettling trailer for Cronenberg's Dead Ringers and then some wonky comedy towards the end with Sellers, Brooks and the Cannonballers.

    Part Two - The Spawning:

    Terror In The Aisles / Blood Mania / What's The Matter With Helen? / Point Of Terror / Don't Look In The Basement / Don't Go In The House / Silent Scream / Demented / The Prowler / Happy Birthday To Me / The Funhouse / Night School / The Slumber Party Massacre / The Slayer / Double Exposure / The House On Sorority Row / The Mutilator / Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter / Friday The 13th: A New Beginning / Friday The 13th Part VII: The New Blood / Slaughter High / April Fools' Day / The Destroyer / Ghost Story / The Survivor / The Entity / The House Where Evil Dwells / Poltergeist / Poltergeist II: The Other Side / The Poltergeist III / Amityville II: The Possession / Amityville 3-D / House / The Mephisto Waltz / The Exorcist / The Exorcist II: The Heretic / The Sentinel / The Hearse / The Final Conflict / The Power / Prince Of Darkness / Angel Heart / The Seventh Sign / Warlock / Phantasm / Sole Survivor / The Serpent And The Rainbow / Cathy's Curse / The Dead Zone / Firestarter / Pet Semetary / The Crimson Cult / Death Line / The Comeback / House Of The Long Shadows / The Doctor And The Devils / The Bird With The Crystal Plumage / Lisa And The Devil / Spasmo / Deep Red / City Of The Living Dead / Manhattan Baby / Phenomena / Shiver Of The Vampire / Count Dracula's Great Love / The Night Of The Sorcerers / The Night Visitor / Possession / A*P*E / Orca / The White Buffalo / Deadly Eyes / Razorback / Dark Age / Jaws IV: The Revenge / The Bat People / Humanoids From The Deep / Wolfen / An American Werewolf In London / The Howling / The Howling II / Cat People / The Fly / Near Dark / The Being / C.H.U.D. / Hobgoblins / Pumpkinhead / The Incredible Torture Show / Basket Case / Brain Damage / The Video Dead.

    This second chunk is pretty much entirely focused on horror films and horror films only. There's a great mix of material in here, most of which is from the seventies and eighties. Not all of this is American stuff - but most of it is. We get exceptions with films like Cathy's Curse, the giallo titles, the Bava, Argento and Fulci titles, some Naschy spots and a handful of Ozploitation trailers. All in all, this section is a nice mix of sub-genres within horrordom. We get a great selection of traditional slashers, possession fims, zombies and vampires, ghost stories, devilish cults, monsters aplenty and… Ralphus. What's not to love?


    Drive-In Delirium: The New Batch arrives on a 50GB Blu-ray disc and not surprisingly, the aspect ratio changes depending on the aspect ratio of the respective trailer that's playing. For the most part this is a pretty solid presentation and it does look like maybe some cleanup work was done here. The trailers were clearly in very nice shape, they're all much nicer looking than you'd expect if you've watched other trailer compilations that have hit the market over the years. Color reproduction looks spot on and black levels are good as well. There are no issues with compression artifacts or edge enhancement and detail and clarity are pretty good here. No complains, this is a nice presentation.

    Audio chores are handled by an English language DTS-HD 2.0 Mono track, there are no subtitles or closed captioning options provided. The audio here is more or less problem free. The levels are well balanced and there aren't any serious problems with any hiss or distortion even if you will pick up on it, as well as some sibilance, now and again if you're looking for it. There are no alternate language options or subtitles provided here.

    As far as the extras are concerned, Umbrella has also tossed in what they're calling VHS Delirium - a selection of ninety-four minutes' worth of trailers taken from old tape sources, presented as follows:

    Christiane F. / Live A Little Steal A Lot / Sisters / Starflight One / Q: The Winged Serpent / Fake-Out / Full Moon High / High Road To China / They Call Me Bruce? / Fritz The Cat / Hostage / Great Scout & Cathouse Thursday / Yellowbeard / Breathless / Jaguar Lives / Survive! / Lonely Lady / Split Image / Yor, The Hunter From The Future / Zulu Dawn / Kill And Kill Again / The Last Hunter / Flesh For Frankenstein / Blood For Dracula / The House By The Cemetery / Get Crazy / Threshold / Brainwaves / Caligula / Never Say Never Again / 21 Hours To Munich / Count Yorga / Vampire / Chrome And Hot Leather / High Ballin' / Stone Cold Room / An American Werewolf In London / Alligator / Empire Of The Ants / The Return / Young Doctors In Love / Melvin Son Of Alvin / Scanners / The Philadelphia Experiment / Cujo / Defiance / The Fifth Floor / Jennifer / Secrets Of The Phantom Caverns / Kill Squad / Inseminoid / Savage Islands / Battletruck / Cannonball / Cannonball Run II / Something Wicked This Way Comes / The Rutles / Cloud Dancer / Hysterical / Roadhouse 66 / 1984 / Lassiter / Losin' It / The Key / Insatiable / Bedside Headmaster / Julia / When A Stranger Calls / Tilt / The Pursuit Of D.B. Cooper / Condorman / Scarred / Seven / Flight 90 / Angel / Dominique Is Dead / The Day After / Exterminators Of The Year 3000 / Cross Country.

    Obviously, this material isn't going to look as nice as the cleaned up feature trailers but there's still a lot of great material in here. Pretty much any genre you can think of is here, from dirty cartoons like Fritz The Cat to kung-fu comedy like They Call Me Bruce? to sci-fi like Yor, action movies, horror movies and even straight up smut like Insatiable (one of the coolest trailers out of the entire massive lot!). Don't dismiss this material just because it's tape source - there's some really cool content tucked away in this section.

    The disc also features animated menus and comes packaged with some cool reversible cover sleeve artwork.

    The Final Word:

    Drive-In Delirium: The New Batch is a few hours of superb entertainment - something for everyone! There's a pretty massive selection of trailers here, all presented in nice shape and the inclusion of the VHS Delirium section just adds to the nostalgia rush that this disc delivers by the ton!

    Click on the images below for full sized Blu-ray screen caps!

    • VinceP
      yabba man
      VinceP commented
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      I think a lot of these trailers are reconstructions using footage from the restored movies themselves pulled from respective blu-ray releases. That's why they look "clean" or like-new trailers.

    • Jason C
      Jason C
      Senior Member
      Jason C commented
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      Damn, I had a great time with this. Twice I sat down just wanting to watch some trailers before getting to a full feature and in both cases I ended up burning over two hours. The mix is fantastic and flow well. It was exciting to see so many pristine trailers for films that previously only had VHS or poorly compressed YouTube rips available.

      The DESTROYER trailer is worth the price of this disc alone.

      That TERROR IN THE AISLES trailer is amazing.
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