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Lolita Goes To College 5-Film Collection

    Ian Jane

  • Lolita Goes To College 5-Film Collection

    Released by: After Hours Cinema
    Released on: March 28th, 2017.
    Director: Various
    Cast: Lisa DeLeeuw, Orita De Chadwick, Suzanne Fields, Becky Sharpe, Barbara Mills
    Year: Various
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    The Movies:

    Lolita and college girl themed adult features were pretty commonplace in the adult film world of the seventies and eighties. Hell, they're still pretty common in 2017 (the time of this writing) and honestly, won't likely go out of style any time soon. This recent two disc offering from After Hours Cinema Collection provides six vintage dirty movies (even though it's titled as a '5-Film Collection') and one bonus loop that cash in on that immortal trend, with varying degrees of success.

    So let's get down to it, boppers.

    Disc One:

    Frat House Girls (1983):

    Our eighty minute opening feature, which has clearly had some music replaced on it, appears to be also known as Natural Lamporn's Frat House and just plain old Frat House and is credited to director Sven Conrad.

    It opens with as scene where a kindly coed named Stacey (Hillary Summers) gives a jogger she sees on the side of the road some head. Turns out this guy (Roy Phipps) thinks this blowjob is 'pretty good' and that he's a member of the I Phelta Thi fraternity. He and his brothers have decided to live out all of their fantasies before they graduate, because once they do they'll have to deal with real world responsibilities.

    From there we meet the rest of the guys - athletic Roger (Mike Parker), nerdy Larry (Lou Denny), the promiscuous “Snake Cock” Sutton (Turk Lyon) and would be photographer named Star (Randy Allen). They talk amongst themselves about their plans to get while the getting is good, and then we basically see them do just that. As they do, most of the typical college sex comedy tropes are rolled out for exploitation, particularly once Abby (Lisa DeLeeuw), Stacy (Tawny Pearl) and good old Cindy from the opening scene arrive on campus and get in on the fun. Star gets it on with a gal (Candie) first, then it's time for some tennis after which Snake Cock bones another gal (Blanca) before Roger then gets his turn for a romp in the hay with a lovely lady (credited as Donna).

    Other highlights include a really solid scene with curvaceous Ms. DeLeeuw and Star, Snack Cock going at it with Stacey (Tawny Pearl is in top notch shape here) and, well, pretty much every scene is really solid when you've got a cast like this. Some of the move creative moments in the film involve some neat LED rope lighting, the 'popcorn box at the movies' gag, some unexpected but genuinely funny commercial parodies that are worked into the movie far more naturally than you'd expect them to be and a big orgy in a huge hot tub.

    Lolita Goes to College (1971):

    The second feature, a fifty-five minute epic, from Cine-Cal Productions written and directed by 'Tudor L. Taylor' introduces us to a pretty young woman named Lolita as she talks to one Ms. Winters who coaches her on what to do when 'he' arrives. Winters is kicked out of the chair by the college Dean who owns it, her attempts to seduce him not really working at all. Winters is a bad influence on all of the girls and she's going to be expelled, despite her certain attributes.

    With Ms. Winters out of the way, the Dean asks her what the deal is with the story that's going around about her on campus. It seems that she and her sorority sisters got into some trouble after her friend's boyfriend brought someone over for her to play with. We then flashback to the frat house where has some quality alone time with the aforementioned sister who then goes on to screw her boyfriend while Lolita listens in from the bathroom and masturbates. Eventually Lolita winds up in a forced group grope session with the sorority sister, her boyfriend and another guy. After they finish up, the guys split. Confused, Lolita ran out into the hall after this happened, naked and unsure of what had really happened.

    After she tells the Dean about all of this, he gets a bit warm and takes his coat off - we know where this is all going. They talk about her scholastic standing and a correction program for her, which leads into another story where she tells him how she was dragged out of the bathroom, spanked and sodomized. The Dean asks her to demonstrate, she does, and is quite impressed with what he sees. Of course, this leads to where we all knew it would lead, as the pudgy old Dean has a lengthy sex scene with pretty Lolita, bringing the movie to a close.

    We've no idea who anyone involved with this movie is but it's an entertaining enough way to kill an hour with some marginally kinky sex. The sets are minimalist to be sure, the whole production is really, but the female lead is pretty enough and enthusiastic enough to make this all work.

    Pledge Sister (1973):

    In this fifty-five minute movie, we head to a college campus where a blonde woman lies tied to a table, some candles surround her lighting the room. A hooded man approaches her and then proceeds to have his way with her. After this ominous scene finishes, we learn that this is actually a Kapa Delta initiation ritual!

    From there, we learn that sister Cheryl (Ortita De Chadwick) intends to get her prim and proper sister, Melanie (Becky Sharpe) pledged to the sorority, known for their promiscuous ways. Melanie doesn't want anything to do with this at first but once Cheryl introduces her to the partying and swinging that seems so commonplace on this campus without any classrooms, well, she starts to change her mind. And once she meets Cheryl's boyfriend and they get high? All bets are off and Melanie winds up in a gang bang that takes place behind a huge American flag hanging behind them, some cans of Coors scattered beside them.

    Eventually Melanie is allowed into the sorority but not before she too goes through the initiation process involving screwing some strangers and fooling around with her very own sister - will Melanie be able to take all of this or will she push back from her newfound sexual liberty and go back to being a prude?

    This one is pretty fun, mixing the weird ritualist sex scenes of the initiation rites with some more straight forward bumping and grinding in amusing ways. The story moves at a good pace and the two female leads deliver solid performances in and out of the sack. The cinematography is nothing to write home about and the sets are pretty basic but good pacing and solid sex make up for that. Again, however, it sounds like some of the music might have been replaced here.

    Sorority Sisters:

    This Super 8mm short runs only six minutes but in that six minutes we see two foxy female 'college students' - a blonde and a brunette - have rad lesbian sex in someone's backyard before heading inside to have more rad lesbian sex in front of a fireplace and then on a couch.

    Disc Two:

    Girl School Scandal (1969):

    Also known as Girl's School Scandal, this forty-two minute feature tells us what happens when and undercover reporter named Melody Anthem (Barbara Mills) is hired to investigate the strange happenings going on at Miss Grundy's Finishing School. She arrives and finds that pretty much everyone at the school is screwing everyone else - and a couple of minutes later, Melody, who initially seems upset to discover this, is getting it on too when she takes on the Irish school janitor to get some information out of him.

    One of the students, Alice (Suzanne Fields), seems especially promiscuous, but really, everyone here is super horny and can't wait to screw as many people as possible. Melody makes a phone call or two to remind us that she's working on a case to build a story, but once she and Alice get into a bit of their own sort of fun, it's clear that the story is no longer the priority for her. Cue the requisite orgy involving pretty much everyone in the cast, and call it done. Next!

    This one is okay. Not great, but okay. The softcore sex is shot very mechanically but both Mills and Fields are pretty spy here, seemingly enjoying themselves quite a bit and looking great doing it. Aside from their presence this is reasonably forgettable, there's not much of a story at all, but if you're a fan of either actress this'll scratch that itch.

    Lessons in Love:

    This quick thirty-four minute picture is over before you know it and doesn't have much of a story to it, however, what there revolves around an older college professor who uses his status to coerce pretty but clearly naive college recruits into screwing him. This opens with a scene where he fools around with a pretty brunette in a white gown into going at it with him. She clearly looks unhappy about this but goes along with it anyway. From there we see a three-way that the older man has no part in, then some people screw in a bathtub, and then on a couch. There's nothing more to this than that, no story of character development, it happens quick and fast and very to the point.

    School For Sex:

    This twenty-eight minute, credited to a director named 'Ann' and producer Richard Du Bois that stars such luminaries as Fifi La Strange and Clarise De Long, tells how a movie company puts on classes for people that want to become sex film stars. It literally starts in a classroom where a woman reads from cue cards she's clearly holding just off camera and speaks about erogenous zones and how to stimulate them standing in front a blackboard with a picture of a naked lady on it.

    From there, people ask questions of the instructor and she imparts on them wisdom in such categories as putting on makeup, the ins and outs of exotic perfumes, how to put on and properly wear lingerie and other subjects one of which we're told is 'how to love your body' but that appears to be how to grind your ass on a desk. From there, they demonstrate 'sexy movements,' and then a couple makes out for the rest of the class and after that there's a hardcore blowjob scene that kind of comes out of nowhere and then turns into a hardcore sex scene. The teacher then introduces the next group, who are intended to demonstrate intercourse (even though we just saw that). They lay on the bed and get ready and then…The end! It's a pretty safe assumption that a reel or two is missing from this one.

    Not to be confused with the British sexploitation picture of the same name directed by Pete Walker in 1969 (it seems whoever did the packaging for this made that mistake, crediting this movie with that year - unlikely given that this is a hardcore picture), this is fairly amusing in how terrible it is. The woman that plays the instructor has the most wooden line reading you'll ever hear and is clearly reading her lines in spots. The students that are called up to demonstrate look out of place and confused and the ending? Well it isn't so much a proper ending as it is just the end of the footage used for this presentation.


    Each of the movies is presented in anamorphic 1.78.1 widescreen and transferred from film prints. They haven't been fully restored so expect a fair bit of print damage and plenty of visible scratches but that doesn't really detract from the experience much. Colors are faded and black levels all over the place but if the elements are in rough shape, at least the disc is fairly well authored and not plagued by compression artifacts or edge enhancement problems. It'd be nice if After Hours started using progressive transfers though, and on top of that the image here is clearly cropped from 1.33.1, which results in heads being chopped off now and then and other 'aesthetic' problems.

    The audio is on par with the video, in that it's rough but serviceable considering the origins of the films and the materials available to work with. Each of the three English language Dolby Digital Mono tracks has some hiss and some audible cracking in spots but most fans of this material won't mind so much.

    Extras? Not much here, but we do get static menus for each disc in addition to a selection of trailers for other After Hours Cinema titles available on DVD now.

    The Final Word:

    After Hours Cinema's Lolita Goes To College two disc collection offers up six obscure college themed dirty movies in one handy dandy set. The presentation, which is cropped, is watchable if imperfect, but some of this stuff is pretty hard to find on disc and that, combined with some interesting cast members and amusing storylines, makes this worth checking out for those with an affinity for bottom of the barrel seventies smut.

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