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Hot Young Widows 2

    Ian Jane

  • Hot Young Widows 2

    Released by: Alpha France
    Released: February, 2015.
    Director: Claude Bernard-Aubert (as Burd Tranbaree)
    Cast: Brigitte Lahaie, Sophie Duflot, Daniele David, Jean-Pierre Armand, Serena
    Year: 1980
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    The Movie:

    This Alpha France Production, once again directed by 'Burd Tranbaree,' is alternately known as Le Retour Des Veuves in its homeland but better known on these American shores as Take Me Down (it was released on DVD under this title by Cal Vista some years ago) and it's a sequel to the film reviewed here.

    The movie follows two roommates, Phil (Gerard Gregory) and Gil (Jean-Pierre Armand), and when the story begins they're watching a pretty lady do a striptease and talking about their boners. From there, they have a four way with two lovely ladies (Sophie Duflot and Marie-Therese da Silva). With their rampant horniess now properly established, these two guys basically rework the plot of the first movie - preying on vulnerable widows in order to get laid. They read the obituaries in the paper (La Figaro!) and then proceed to find their first mark: the gorgeous Madeleine (Brigitte Lahaie). They find her at a funeral reception and after Gil fools around with her a bit both Phil and another woman (Elisabeth Bure) have some fun with her, first Bure on her own and then all three of them, though the ladies remain more engaged with one another than with Phil. He doesn't seem to mind that too much though.

    After that, both of our heroes pay Bure a visit for a little blindfold fun that soon turns into a three-way with pretty blonde Elisabeth taking on both like a champ while an amusing tape recorder tells a strange story in the background. From there, Phil meets up with another widow, Odile (Daniel David), in her kitchen. They talk for a bit and he comforts her in her sadness by making out with her and screwing her silly - thankfully since they're near the kitchen he finds a cucumber in reach for the occasion! Once she's intimately acquainted with the produce they bring Gil into the mix for another three-way scene. He's arrived with desert for her in a gag that'll definitely make you think of that Saturday Night Live 'dick in a box' sketch.

    From there, Gil and Phil sit around naked on the coach for a bit and then Gil pays a visit to yet another widow, Elise (Dominique Saint Claire), a lovely blonde clad in black mourning garb grieving over the loss of her dog. He plays to her kinks by putting on a collar, carrying a toy in his mouth and sitting up and begging for her - she rewards him exactly as you'd expect her to. Phil arrives mid-session and joins in with them. After that the boys pay a return visit to Ms. Bure which then leads into some fun with the one and only Serena and then finally a four way between the two guys, Serena and Bure (who is evidently Serean's maid but who then comes out dressed in a bridal gown - she's probably not as virginal as she's supposed to be!).

    If you've got a thing for foxy blondes in black lingerie and dress and have a special affinity for bad dubbing, then this is the porno movie for you. The sex scenes here are plenty steamy and while our two male leads are as goofy as goofy gets, the ladies all deliver very fine work indeed. The highlight for most readers here will probably be the scenes with Ms. Lahaie, looking as fine here as she ever has, but don't discount the big finish with Serena (damn!) and the underrated Bure, each a sexual dynamo in her own right. There's enough oddball moments and scatterbrained comedy crammed into the copious amounts of hardcore sex here to keep the story moving and the movie benefits from the nice production values and slick cinematography that those familiar with the Alpha France 'brand' no doubt come to expect. Throw in an effective, if dated and somewhat familiar, soundtrack, good editing and nice pacing and this one is definitely worth watch for fans of vintage French smut.


    Hot Young Widows 2 arrives on MOD/DVD-R in 1.66.1 non-anamorphic widescreen, which would appear to be the movie's original aspect ratio. The image is stable enough and black levels are pretty solid here. Colors look okay even if they do occasionally look shift a bit. There is a bit of visible print damage here and there and there are some minor compression artifacts throughout the presentation as well. This is a decent enough transfer despite its non-anamorphic status.

    The disc includes an English language Dolby Digital Mono track but not alternate language or subtitle options. The dialogue is generally pretty clear and the track is free of any hiss or distortion. The odd score used throughout the movie, which sometimes works in some amusingly out of place guitar shredding, sounds pretty solid here too.

    No extras on the disc at all.

    The Final Word:

    Hot Young Widows 2 is just as good, if not better, than the original film thanks primarily to some decent direction and an A-list cast of lovely ladies all involved in various acts of debauchery and perversion for your enjoyment in front of the camera. The disc quality won't floor you but it's more than watchable and the movie is definitely worth seeing for those who dig vintage French smut.

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