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Hot Young Widows

    Ian Jane

  • Hot Young Widows

    Released by: Alpha France
    Released: January, 2015.
    Director: Claude Bernard-Aubert (as Burd Tranbaree)
    Cast: Chalie Schreiner, Valerie Martin, Karine Gambier, Richard Allan
    Year: 1978
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    The Movie:

    This Alpha France Production, once again directed by 'Burd Tranbaree' begins when a man named Olivier (Charlie Schreiner, who looks disturbingly like Doctor Who's Tom Baker!) arrives, clad in a fancy velour jacket, at the home of a recently widowed woman (Valerie Martin). She lets him into her apartment under the pretense that he knew her dearly departed. She sits on the couch with him, he has a glass of water and she a whiskey. She misses her late husband so, and he's there to console her. Not surprisingly, they have sex.

    From here we learn that this is Olivier's modus operandi. He cruises through the obituaries of the newspaper looking for recently deceased men and then sets out to track down their widows for some easy action. After all, they'll be in need of some comfort and he's just the man for the job. He heads out for his second encounter with another widow (Emmanuelle Pareze) that winds up turning into a nice three-way with the participation of her maid (Francoise Maillot). These encounters make up the bulk of the movie's running time, with Olivier featuring in each and every one of them.

    Last in the film he winds up in a group session - he pleasures Karin Gambier who uses a toy on her friend while Olivier does double duty by attaching a strap on to his backside that a third woman gets revved up on. This session is interrupted when the widow in question tells them to stop their inappropriate behavior - her husband's body lays in rest right next door. From here? Olivier follows her into the room where the body lies. She goes down on the corpse (Richard Allan), who nods approvingly with his eyes wide open, while Olivier plows the widow from behind.

    It seems he's got a good thing going, right? Even his friend envies Olivier's position in life, noting how he wants to get in on some of this too! Of course, his philandering ways may just wind up catching up with him in the long run…

    Briskly paced and a good mix of sex (LOTS of sex) and humor, Hot Young Widows is a well-made adult feature that never feels longer than it is. The various scenes of copulation are nicely shot and use good lighting, nice wardrobe (those widows always look so fine in their slinky black dresses!) and creative camera angles to get the job done. The movie also gets creative with its fuck scenes, that scene with the lovely, talented and inspiringly enthusiastic Ms. Gambier being the stand out. Who'd have thought to use a strap-on like that? Bonus points for thinking outside the box there.

    While our leading man looks kind of odd, strutting about with a particularly smug look about him and a strange sort of white guy afro, he gets the job done. The ladies are what make this one, however. Alongside Gambier, who really does turn in fine work here, Pareze and Maillot are great together in the three way scene (once Olivier finishes, he just gets up and leaves, our two torrid lesbians still going at it without ever noticing he's gone!) and Valerie Martin in the opening scene is Justas cute as cute can be.

    Nice sets, a quirky core and the typically strong Alpha France production values combine with the more amusing and arousing qualities of Hot Young Windows to make this feature a fine choice indeed.


    Hot Young Widows arrives on MOD/DVD-R in 1.66.1 non-anamorphic widescreen, which would appear to be the movie's original aspect ratio. The image is stable enough and black levels are pretty solid here. Colors look okay even if they do occasionally look shift a bit. There is a bit of visible print damage here and there and there are some minor compression artifacts throughout the presentation as well. This is a decent enough transfer despite its non-anamorphic status.

    The disc includes an English language Dolby Digital Mono track but not alternate language or subtitle options. The dialogue is generally pretty clear and the track is free of any hiss or distortion. The odd score used throughout the movie, which sometimes works in some amusingly out of place guitar shredding, sounds pretty solid here too.

    No extras on the disc at all.

    The Final Word:

    Hot Young Widows is a fine slice of French filth, and if French filth is your thing, you would be wise to seek it out.

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