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Niccole… The Story Of ‘O'

    Ian Jane

  • Niccole… The Story Of ‘O'

    Released by: Alpha Blue Archives
    Released on: December, 2014.
    Director: Anthony Spinelli (as Sam Gibbs)
    Cast: Suzanne Fields, Richard Smedley, Sheldon Lee
    Year: 1972

    The Movie:

    Directed by Anthony Spinelli (using his Sam Gibbs alias), 1972's Niccole… The Story Of 'O' is a bondage themed roughie that starts off with a warning - “This film deals with certain subject matter which may be offensive to some viewers. However… it was not designed for that purpose. Rather, to indulge in the fantasies of a very real part of life…”

    From there the movie opens with a pretty brunette lying on a bed getting pounded by a guy with a mask covering his face. A second guy, also masked crams his junk into her mouth as the credits play over top. At the heights of passion, the poor woman dies! One of the men, Jean (Sheldon Lee), takes off his mask and talks about finding her replacement, but then slips it back in to finish what he started!

    From where we meet Nicole (Suzanne Fields) as she's sitting patiently in the back of a car with a gag over her mouth recalling to herself how she got into this situation thanks to a man named Sir Richard (Richard Smedly). A tender (at least compared to the opening salvo!) sex scene occurs and after that involves her and a man named Jean (Ted Reems). He takes it easy with her but as it is his duty to 'train her' for Sir Richard, he soon turns things up a bit and twists her arm while she's going down on her. He asks her if he should stop the hurting, she says 'no… BITE ME!!!!' and so he does. From there, gagged Niccole is presented to Sir Richard while strange chamber music likely lifted from some obscure record plays over the scene. He commands Ted to remove her dress while she's bound to some shackles. Ted reassures him that 'while she's small, her nipples are very, very firm.' He wasn't asked about this, he just volunteers it. Sir Richard requests that Ted take her to the couch and then he proceeds to bone her, after which he complains that 'her anus is a bit small, but no matter, I'll have her fitted with a training device.' From there, he enjoys some Cognac, because he is a classy and sophisticated man.

    From there Niccole winds up in a room with a man and a woman, both masked, for a little three-way action during which she is tied to the bed. After that, Sir Richard speaks to a woman named Madame Claudine about how she is responsible for training Niccole while he is off to Paris for six weeks. He expects the training to be complete by the time he gets home. Claudine is more than up for the challenge and proves this by masturbating as soon as she gets the chance. She heads into the room where Niccole is still bound and uses a strap-on on her, and once they're done, she's nice enough to tuck Niccole into bed… “sleep my little one, for tomorrow I'm going to put you into slavery!”

    Nicole's narration tells us how it started, how they tied her and left her and then came back hours later as we see her take care of Jean, who has placed her inside what looks like a laundry basket or something. At any rate, she's plopped into that thing and then gives him a handjob before they go at it some more. Claudine approaches and then the two of them work Jean over culminating in a scene in which Niccole is placed in a hammock, tied up, and then spun over his dong (which would probably be tough to coordinate, but they do it). The sex scenes continue and spill over into each other as she's tied up and made to do things to various people until Sir Richard returns to evaluate the effectiveness of her training himself, now pierced and ready to entertain his guests at his upcoming soirée!

    Adapting (albeit, illegitimately) Dominique Aury's novel three years before Just Jaeckin made the infamous 'The Story Of O' this movie rushes through the story pretty quickly at only fifty-two minutes in length but it definitely gets the bondage aspect of things right. This one will remind you of the old Irving Klaw/Bettie Page loops, lots of sexy black stockings and rope play here, but obviously with a XXX aspect that those old B&W loops lacked. The interior settings are pretty limited, this isn't a fancy film by anyone's standards, but Fields looks great here and seems to be definitely into the more submissive side of her character - if not, she's a better actress than most of us maybe remember her being. The rest of the cast are fine too, but Richard Smedley is too pompous and silly and too much a product of seventies culture for us to really be able to take him seriously as the man behind all of this.

    The opening necrophilia scene is in terrible taste to be sure but it's done with such over the top style that it winds up being funnier than it is anything else. The music used in the movie is all over the place and it is sometimes more effective than others but the kinkier side of the story is well shot and yeah, this is an interesting and whoever played Madame Claudine does a nice job here too. This lacks the gloss of Jaekin's take on the book, but for a film made fast and cheap in the underground of early seventies XXX, it's fairly well done.


    Niccole arrives on DVD in its original 1.33.1 fullframe aspect ratio. It does look to have been sourced from a film print, albeit on that has seen better days. Expect plenty of print damage and scratches and some wonky fluctuations in color timing and black levels throughout the duration of the film. Having said that, this is watchable enough if you don't mind the condition of the elements used for the transfer.

    The only audio option for the feature attraction is an English language Dolby Digital Mono track. There's some hiss here and there and some jumps and spikes in the balance of the levels but for the most part the dialogue comes through okay - it is fairly wobbly in spots though, which is kind of annoying.

    There are two bonus features, both starring Fields, included on this DVD starting with 1973's The Wayward Mistress, which opens with a scene in which a young woman named Cindy (Fields) gets it on with her boyfriend (Ric Lutze) after making herself all fancy what with her makeup and her slinky black lingerie. She wants to talk to him about where their relationship is at, and after some bad back and forth that feels made up on the spot, they have sex. They finish up and he has a smoke but she's still upset.

    Cindy's unhappy, so she bails on him and heads over to her friend Barbara's (Nikki Hess) place to crash for a while, until she can get her head clear. After she splits Lutze (whose character is never named) makes a phone call of his own to an ex, but she's not having any of it. She is, however, having some of Keith Erickson who shows up in some shiny striped pants after she hangs up to get it on with her. Meanwhile, Cindy has arrived at Barbara's place to find out that she's a hooker. She lets her crash a place she 'uses all the time' and encourages her to make herself comfortable. A man will be arriving soon… see if you can get into it. Barbara is going to train Cindy in the art of hooking! The john shows up and Cindy hides in the closet to watch. He's got a pretty big mullet, looks like he could have been in Canned Heat or something. At any rate, he gives Barbara a rogering and after he pays and splits, now super horny Cindy needs to be taken care of. Barbara obliges just as a photographer shows up and shoots some snaps of the two in Sapphic action before getting in on that himself. While this is going on, Lutze is enjoying some Chinese food with a bucktoothed blonde. This leads to the two of them screwing in his bedroom - and then for some reason Cindy and Barbara wind up in bed with a few mustachioed guys and the movie just sort of ends with them counting their money and Cindy going back to Rick to catch him in bed with the blonde. He kicks her out

    This one doesn't make much sense at all, but both Fields and Hess look good here. It's a poorly edited film and the camera work is nothing to write home about. Most of it is shot in only 3-4 different rooms and there's not much variety. Fields' fanbase will appreciate seeing her in action here but it's a minor curiosity item outside of that.

    Up next is The Chí¢teau, made in 1971, is presented in a tape sourced transfer here. When it begins some vagrants are rummaging around in an alley way looking for booze. The audio is really muffled, hard to tell what they're saying. A narrator tells us that 'everything's changed' and then we travel down skid row with him for a bit. He tells us how a girl named Tracey (Sandy Carey) is responsible for his downfall. Flashback to a scene where she arrives at the titular chí¢teau in her white VW bug. Here she meets a guy called The Baron (Howard Alexander) who asks to see her letter - she shows him and then tells her about the job she's here for. After she tells him about her modeling and acting experience she undresses and is then accosted by two men dressed in black brandishing whips. They rough her up screw her as The Baron and his sister (Fields) watch. From there we see the masked thugs take on a darker skinned lady (Carmen Olivera) bound in the next room - she gets raped too, and again, the siblings watch (they have a closed circuit TV system set up to make this easy). Later they make her use a dildo on another bound woman and then they have an orgy.

    After that they go back to Tracey for round two. She winds up bound in the room and then the bed while the siblings keep up their creepy behavior, eventually screwing one another as you knew they eventually would. But wait… what of our skid row hero? Well, he's got a plan to save his girlfriend Tracey and take down the bad guys once and for all. How this landed him in a homeless camp is anyone's guess, but such is life.

    This is pretty goofy stuff but a cast of attractive ladies help us to be able to look past that Fields is underused here but she looks good in her purple gown (and then later without it) and Carmen Olivera is pretty enough that she probably could have carried the movie on her own. The movie ends very abruptly, something is cut off here and we never find out how the story is properly resolved - that makes it tough to comment a whole lot more on this one.

    Static menus and a theatrical trailer (narrated in grand style by someone who sounds a little but like Vincent Price) for the feature attraction are also included.

    The Final Word:

    Niccole… The Story Of 'O' offers fans of Ms. Suzanne Fields the opportunity to check out three of her lesser known titles, two of which are crazy roughies dealing in some fairly taboo subject matter. Her co-stars tend to be a mixed bag but in each of the three features here, Fields is in great shape and in fine form, making her fun to watch and easy on the eyes.

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