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Ragin Bull 30th Anniversary Edition on Blu-ray - Jan. 11, 2011

    Ian Jane

  • Raging Bull 30th Anniversary Edition on Blu-ray - Jan. 11, 2011

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    "Extraordinarily compelling"
    -Leonard Maltin

    A "brilliantly photographed film of extraordinary power and rare distinction"
    - The Wall Street Journal

    The 30th Anniversary Edition of Martin Scorsese's award-winning RAGING BULL arrives on Blu-ray January 11th
    LOS ANGELES, CALIF (DECEMBER 7, 2010) - A powerhouse film that introduced unflinching realism to stunned audiences in 1980, RAGING BULL smashes onto Blu-ray in a special 30th Anniversary Edition from MGM Home Entertainment on January 11. With an Academy Award®-Winning performance by Robert De Niro (The Godfather, Part II) and celebrated direction by Martin Scorsese, this critically-acclaimed film was described as an "exceedingly violent as well as poetic" fight picture that maps "the landscape of the soul" by The New York Times. The new Anniversary Edition Blu-ray boasts over 50 minutes of brand new features, including exclusive, new interviews with De Niro and Scorsese making it essential to every movie lover's collection.

    Nominated for eight Academy Awards® including Best Picture, RAGING BULL is widely regarded as one of the best films of all time, ranking number 24 in the American Film Institute's “100 Years … 100 Movies” list. De Niro gives the performance of his career as Jake La Motta, a boxer who's psychological and sexual complexities erupt into violence both in and out of the ring. Academy Award®-winner Joe Pesci (Goodfellas) and Cathy Moriarty (Mambo Kings) are unforgettable as the brother who falls prey to Jake's mounting paranoia and jealousy, and the fifteen-year-old girl who becomes his most prized trophy.

    As Jake (De Niro) struggles to become the middleweight boxing champion of the world, he is obstructed by his personal demons. Though a technically brilliant fighter, his credibility as a legitimate boxer is challenged when he conspires with the mob to throw a fight in his opponent's favor. Increasingly violent and self-destructive, Jake sours his already-tumultuous relationship with his brother and boxing manager (played by Pesci) by accusing him of having an affair with his wife, Vickie (Moriarty). Jake's final tragic loss in the ring makes him realize that his greatest defeat was losing the ones he loved.

    RAGING BULL 30th Anniversary Edition will be available on Blu-Ray for the suggested retail price of $29.99 U.S. / $32.99 Canada. Pre-book is December 1st.

    Raging Bull Blu-ray & DVD

    Disc 1 (Blu-ray):
    ● Feature Film
    ● New - Marty & Bobby
    ● New - Raging Bull: Reflections On A Classic
    ● New - Remembering Jake
    ● New - Marty on Film
    ● New - Cathy Moriarty on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, March 27, 1981
    ● Raging Bull: Fight Night
    ● The Bronx Bull
    ● DeNiro vs. LaMotta
    ● LaMotta Defends Title

    Disc 2 (DVD):
    ● Feature Film
    ● Commentary by Director Martin Scorsese and Editor Thelma Schoonmaker
    ● Commentary by Cast and Crew
    ● Storytellers Commentary

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    RAGING BULL 30th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray & DVD:
    Catalog No.: #M123012 U.S. / #M123013 Canada
    Street Date: January 11, 2011
    Pre-book Date: December 1, 2010
    Screen Format: Widescreen
    Audio: English 5.1 DTS HD Master Audio
    Spanish 5.1 Dolby Digital
    French 5.1 DTS
    Subtitles: English, Spanish, French
    U.S. Rating: R
    Total Run Time: 128 minutes
    Closed Captioned: Yes
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