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Kiss Zombies #5 (Dynamite Entertainment) Comic Review

    Ian Jane

  • Kiss Zombies #5 (Dynamite Entertainment) Comic Review

    Released by: Dynamite Entertainment
    Released on: June 3rd, 2020.
    Written by: Ethan Sacks
    Illustrated by: Rodney Buchemi
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    People, let me tell you, not even a pandemic can stop the hottest band in the world from finishing up their mission against the hordes of the undead! Hear my words and take heed. Sure, it might delay it by a few months, but The Demon, The Catman, The Spaceman and especially The Starchild, who has a body built for sin and an appetite for passion, are back and at it. At any rate, yeah, three months has gone by - do you remember what was happening in this series? If not, get caught up here.

    When this final chapter begins, Madame Mayor, who just can't pretend no more cause she's running out of lies, speaks to some kids about what will happen if 'zombies come in here to eat us!' She reassures them that the walls around them have protected their people since before the film of “The Leader” (missed opportunity to call “The Leader” “The Elder” instead - but there ain't no pretending and there ain't no make believe, it is what it is), who is at this point essentially The Lord Of The Wastelands. We then hear from the Mayor, who is so European, about what happened to KISS and why they're not around to protect them - and she reads them the story of 'The Great Battle Of New Detroit.' They were captured and to be fed to the hordes of zombies because The Leader saw their music as a threat… after all, in this world sound attracts the undead. It's almost as if they're compelled by something they cannot see. Uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uh-uuuuuhhhh.

    Flashback fifty years and Space Ace is calling The Leader, who clearly has the balls to stand alone, and his militant types 'jerks' for basically arresting them when they arrived to save them and maybe just claim some asylum. Laila stands up in their defense but The Leader shuts her down and fast. She then realizes that The Leader knew who the members of KISS were all along, that he killed his own son over a lie! When she raises her voice, her blood boils hot and she feels her temperature rise. The zombies nearby start to stir, there's hunger in their eyes. They're getting closer, KISS can hear them breathe (hah, hah, hah). The Leader asks his men to sentence Laila, who has a fever raging in her heart, to execution and it comes out that, well Crusher isn't quite who he seems - you could say he's tired of tryin' to be what he'll never be, baby. As things get hairier than Paul Stanley's chest, Starchild, like a runaway crazy train (he's out of control) reveals to Catman that he's prepared and he slips a knife out of his sleeve and helps cut the members of KISS free just as the zombies make their way into the fortress - after all, it's not a crime to be good to yourself, right? Anyway, will KISS be able to make the zombies' heads explode using the power of rock n roll - basically bang banging them - or will they, and everyone else, be eaten (ooh yeah)? One thing is for certain, this is going to be one crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy night.

    KISS Zombies #5 brings the story to an enjoyably predictable conclusion. It ends the way that it should end, with KISS posited not as real life musicians but as wise-cracking superheroes providing plenty of thrills in the night. If you take this too seriously, you're doing it wrong, this is meant to be enjoyable escapism and nothing more, there's no social commentary here or higher meaning to any of what we see, it's just a fun story about four larger than life rock stars battling the undead while under the gun. Ethan Sacks' story moves quickly and features enough goofy humor and one-liners that you can't help but snicker at it, even if you don't want to - it works on the same level that KISS Meets The Phantom Of The Park works. If that sounds appealing to you, and it should, you'll probably get a kick out of this. Rodney Buchemi's art is pretty decent. The members of KISS look like the members of KISS should look, though occasionally their pupils disappear for some reason. There's some good detail evident throughout and the zombies in particular are well-illustrated here. Disagree? Talk to me, all I want is a little conversation.

    Overall, this one turns out to be a pretty fun read, meeting our great expectations and delivering pretty much exactly what you'd expect from a comic book where KISS fight zombies - a rock and roll party in comic book form! There's no turning back from this odyssey.
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