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Blade Runner 2019 #7 (Titan Comics) Comic Review

    Ian Jane

  • Blade Runner 2019 #7 (Titan Comics) Comic Review

    Released by: Titan Comics
    Released on: March 25th, 2020.
    Written by: Michael Green, Mike Johnson
    Illustrated by: Andres Guinaldo
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    Not caught up? Ash was the only one to survive the Replicant attack on the off-world mining colony, through Cleo believed her to be dead and, with no other real options, joined the Replicant rebels. A new Blade Runner named Hythe, who has an arrest warrant for Ash, finds her but instead of arresting her, Hythe give her back her back brace and reinstate her... if she'll help find Cleo, Pellam and the other Replicant rebels.

    When this seventh issue begins, Ash follows Hythe through the streets of the colony, watches her kicking ass and taking names. She's not messing around, and Ash has to hold her new associate back before she goes too far. But does get a lead, there was a crew in recently asking a man named Fishman about 'eyes.'

    A week prior, Cleo is with Pellam and his crew, who clearly see now use for her and are curious as to why she's even still hanging around. She's staying for Padrac and wants to help him through the 'eye thing.' We then cut to the crew at 'Fishman's' place where one of Pellam's guys, Bray, gets his eyes done. Cut back to the present and Hythe and Ash are interrogating the woman who did Bray's eye surgery. Eventually, under threat, she spills the beans - they were there a week ago and Clea was with them.

    Cleo is confused why Padrac didn't get the surgery done too. He explains his motives and she tells him that once they get where they're going, to Hartawan, she's paid him back for saving her life and they're done. Ash and Hythe follow the eye surgeon's clues and head into 'The Maze' - and then a heavily armed Pellam shows up.

    Like the six issues that came before this one, the story builds nicely on a few different levels. There's the theme of Ash's return, a redemption story possibly, and wanting to make things right for Cleo. Hythe adds a layer of unpredictability to this as she's got very different and much more extreme methods than Ash. It'll be interesting to see if this alliance will last. Then there's Cleo's attempts to get away from this, without completely abandoning Padrac, who is a Replicant but one that she clearly has some affection for. There's subtle and not so subtle commentary in this issue as to the value of manufactured Replicant life versus human life, which offers up some food for thought as you read through it. Again, Michael Green and Mike Johnson do a great job of really bringing you into this world and Ash's plight. The writing has been very strong from the debut issue and that quality level hasn't dropped one bit in the issues since.

    As to the artwork, again, Andres Guinaldo's work delivers. Marco Lesko's coloring work is really solid too, helping to flesh out the nicely detailed line work in a way that seems completely fitting and pays a nice visual tribute to the Blade Runner material that has come before. This issue in particular is interesting in how it is laid out, as the story alternates between past and present from one page to the next until we get to the cliffhanger finale (no spoilers). It's a neat idea and it's executed well by the art team.

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