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Elvira: Mistress Of The Dark #11 (Dynamite Entertainment) Comic Review

    Ian Jane

  • Elvira: Mistress Of The Dark #11 (Dynamite Entertainment) Comic Review

    Elvira: Mistress Of The Dark #11 (Dynamite Entertainment) Comic Review
    Released by: Dynamite Entertainment
    Released on: January 8th, 2020.
    Written by: David Avallone
    Illustrated by: Dave Acosta
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    Elvira finished up her little time travel adventure only to get kidnapped by cultists called The Deucalionids intent on using her energy to summon a demon. She got lucky when she was saved by a superhero known as The Soul Survivor, but not before The Deucalionids got what they wanted. With The Soul Survivor snagged by The Deucalionids, Elvira is left with no other choice but to go save the day once again, and clad in a white dress and in a white car no less!

    When this issue begins, she's cruising down the highway heading to Orange County to save The Soul Survivor, talking to herself, making boob jokes and quoting Ray Parker Jr.. She arrives at the Dark Ages Dinner (think Medieval Times, just don't get sued), and after quipping about how empty the parking lot is and how odd that it is that there are no guards around, she makes her way inside despite the creepy corporate mascots. Of course, if one such mascot, holding a turkey drumstick, were to be peeping at her, she wouldn't know any better - which is what happens when she heads to the play room and is promptly snuck up on. And then a second one appears. Elvira is sneaky though, and makes her way out and heads to the gift shop where, obviously, they sell swords.

    Now holding the upper hand, she asks that they take her to The Soul Survivor (or, Ivan St. Croix if you prefer, and you should prefer). Under threat of physical violence, they oblige and Elvira makes it clear she wants her energy, her darkness, back as well as her friend. You don't need me to tell you it won't be easy and that it'll end with a cliffhanger, but I just did.

    Star Wars jokes. Game Of Thrones jokes. Cosplay quips. Horny, corny mascots. Testicle jokes (clever ones, admittedly). A pretty great potentially Monty Python-inspired bit. Best line of the book? “This place is like Chuck E. Cheese designed by Peter Jackson.” It is, once again, a really fun read and Avallone's story in this issue ties things into the first storyline quite nicely. We won't spoil it but it's pretty amusing how it happens and even if you do see it coming a page or two before it happens, you've got to love it when it does. The story moves at a quick pace and it offers good suspense and excitement as well as the humor you want from an Elvira yarn.

    The art from Dave Acosta, colored by Walter Pereyra, is on point. Again, the likeness between 'comic book Elvira' and 'flesh and blood Cassandra Peterson' is pretty strong, and he even gets her car right. The mascots are drawn well and there's some pretty fun lay outs here - the ball pit, and the last two pages specifically. There could be more background detail, but I say that about every comic book I read that isn't drawn by Geoff Darrow. The art flows really nicely here, the colors are good and the art matches up with the story quite nicely.

    You can't help but wonder how well this series would have turned out had it been made into a live action series with Peterson herself in the lead!
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