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Dick Tracy: Dead Or Alive #3 (IDW Publishing) Comic Review

    Ian Jane

  • Dick Tracy: Dead Or Alive #3 (IDW Publishing) Comic Review

    Dick Tracy: Dead Or Alive #3 (IDW Publishing) Comic Review
    Released by: IDW Publishing
    Released on: January 16th, 2019.
    Written by: Lee & Michael Allred
    Illustrated by: Rich Tommaso
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    “Dick Tracy is a man on the run. He's been framed for the Police Commissioner's murder - and now both cops and crooks want him dead! But who's behind the frame job? The mysterious Yesterday Knewes? And is this Diogenes Lanthorn the ally he says he is?”

    It's been a few months but Dick Tracy is back! Our third issue opens at the Bucket O' Blood bar where the cops are poking about to see if any of the regulars are Tracy in disguise, completely unaware that Tracy is in disguise amongst them! He creates a distraction and makes a daring escape, leaving a cop grumbling about how 'two hunnerd grand in reward money' just made it out the window. But those crooks at the bar? They like money too, so before you know it here's a gang of gun-toting hooligans on the streets gunning for Dick! The cops chase him down, on unlucky flatfoot managing to corner him in an alleyway - much to his own peril. Tracy, being Tracy, won't shoot a fellow cop, but those crooks? They're fair game.

    Meanwhile, officer Pat Patton gets a surprise gift from a no good red headed hooligan in the form of his grandad's old watch - which starts talking to him, giving him Tracy's whereabouts. Patton follows the directions. With that out of the way, the same red headed hooligan throws Tracy's stolen cell phone on top of a bus, successfully throwing the police cell phone monitoring center off of his trail. This allows Sam to move in and give Tracy a ride out of the hot water he's been in, even being so kind as to bring him his trademark yellow outfit (and warning him about wearing it at night when people are gunning for him, a warning that Tracy, of course, ignores). When Sam fills him in on what's happened, Tracy figures it's got to be Knewes behind it all.

    Dick Tracy heads back on the streets, unaware of the deceptions happening behind his back or the machinations being put into place by Knewes…a far more powerful adversary than he could have ever expected.

    Allreds Michael, Lee and Laura continue, with killer artwork from Rich Tommaso, to bring Dick Tracy back to the pop culture consciousness with this fantastic storyline. At risk of gushing, this is one of those comics where EVERYTHING comes together - the pacing, the tone, the humor, the action, the twists and the turns of the story meld with the artwork perfectly. It's unlike anything else on the racks right now, a mainstream detective book sure to appeal to fans of alternative and underground comics. Suitable for kids of all ages, it's a wonderfully weird work of funnybook action, a work of four color beauty that feels like something from the artform's past while, at the same time, seeming entirely fresh and new.

    The script is wacky, funny and enjoyable while the art is detailed in Tomaso's decidedly insane style. Quirky characters are the rule, not the exception, both in their dialogue and deeds as well as the way in which they're illustrated. The inks accentuate the line work perfectly and the coloring brings it all to life beautifully.

    There's only one issue left in this series, and that's sad. Hopefully this does well enough that we see the creative team return to this property again and soon. Until then, bring on issue #4!

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