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Southern Bastards #20

    Ian Jane

  • Southern Bastards #20

    Southern Bastards #20
    Released by: Image Comics
    Released on: May 9th, 2018.
    Writer: Jason Aaron
    Artist: Jason Latour
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    When was last left off with Southern Bastards back in January, Roberta Tubb had shown up in Craw County with the explicit intention of making Coach Boss' life miserable. And she was about to do just that - until she got shot in the hand with an arrow. Turns out the man that loosed that arrow was Boone, a recluse that Boss is surprised to see out of the woods where he lives. He tells Boone to put the next arrow through Roberta's eye, but it's not her that Boone is here for. The Lord told him it's time to run the serpent out of Eden, we're told, but before he can kill Boss Roberta snaps back to reality and attacks Boone. In the ensuing Fray, Boss makes a run for it.

    Boone pulls the arrow out of Roberta's hand and she shrivels up in pain. He gives chase, Boss not that far ahead of him, but savvy enough to call the Sheriff from his cell phone while he's running. But Sheriff Hardy, no fan of Boss', has got better things to do with his time. And then - SHUNK - Boone's next arrow hits its target, and then another. Boss goes down, falls overtop of a barbed wire fence, but the tough old shit makes it through and heads towards Coach Big's cabin, instructing him to get his gun. Until he realizes that the cabin is overrun by dogs and that Coach Big has been dead for a while now.

    As Boss weakens from his injuries, he flashes back to his training, the grueling practices that Big put him through as a boy, but as he does Boone catches up with him… and so does a monkey, oh and Roberta.

    This is going to get ugly.

    This issue ties into the series' first run, the story of Roberta's father and why Earl Tubb returned to Craw County after all those years. This issue also ends this current storyline, bringing a lot of closure to certain aspects of the story while leaving plenty more wide open to be explored in the issues to come. This issue hits like a brick to the face, it's a tough one for sure. Gritty, brutally violent and as poignant as anything to come out of the series thus far. It's great stuff - fantastic character development helps, immeasurably so, to ground a story full of tension and twists. Supporting characters are now coming into their own, while the principal leads of the book retain their status - by that I mean it's interesting how Boone all of a sudden becomes extremely important to things, while Boss continues to be the de facto villain of the series (and what a villain he is). Roberta's clearly going to stick around for issues to come, so it'll be interesting to see where Aaron decides to take her - the only sure thing about this book is that there are no sure things in this book.

    Latour's artwork hasn't changed much since the inception of Southern Bastards, but why would you want it to? The line art has a nice sense of movement to it, the action scenes are intense and they flow in a way that makes sense, a way that draws your eyes to the movement. There's good detail here, and his style is both unique and wholly appropriate to the story being told.

    Great stuff. Don't miss out on one of the best books on the racks.

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