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Sex Criminals #24

    Ian Jane

  • Sex Criminals #24

    Sex Criminals #24
    Released by: Image Comics
    Released on: April 4th, 2018.
    Written by: Matt Fraction
    Illustrated by: Chip Zdarsky
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    Suzy stands in the art museum staring at a painting - just as she's about to touch it, her new boyfriend busts her and yells at her. She was about to defile a priceless masterpiece, one that could never be replaced. After he yells at her she corrects him - he said it was a Picasso, but it was really a Van Gogh. She calls him a pretentious prick, tells him to fuck off and leave, her phone ringing in her pocket as she goes. She's excited to get a text from 'ThatFuckinGuy.'

    Elsewhere, two gay men walk and talk as they stroll through the park. They talk about having to have led secret lives, about coming out, and about how one man realized that the 'secret me' he saw as a hero really was a part of him after all - not a pretend character like he first thought, but a real flesh and blood person. They kiss.

    Suzy sits at home trying to summon up the courage to text Jon back. She misses him. She distracts herself by going over her late father's books and in doing so discovers that he just might have been up to something involving mortgage securities, inside trading, a pending stock market crash and fraud. She sends the text to Jon and then realizes her mother has set the house on fire.

    Jon, meanwhile, is having lunch with Alix. He gets Suzy's text, and flees, telling his lunch-mate that he's going to be late for work before he dashes out the door. Which isn't entirely untrue. We cut to the store where Jon works, where he runs into George and his husband Ron. George addresses Jon as the 'King Of Cum World' and then Jon splits, heads to his apartment where he fesses up to Polly about his feelings for Suzy, how he's not over her. She takes it as well as anyone could, but still needs him to leave.

    And then we head to the roller rink.

    This one ends on a pretty heavy cliffhanger. This issue, like many before it, is all about relationships but maybe more so than ever before. Obviously Jon and Suzy miss one another and are making steps to correct that -we kind of saw that coming, it makes total sense given who they are, what they meant to one another and what they'd been through together -but there's more to it than that. This issue also deals with Suzy's relationship with her mother, her late father and we presume the pretentious dick she dumped in the art gallery. All this while Jon sorts things out with Alix and Polly and the gay dudes seem to be taking the next step together. There's even more to it than that but we don't get to get even more spoilery than we already have. It's a deep issue, written with the depth, warmth and most importantly humor that Matt Fraction has made such a huge part of this series' success.

    Chip Zdarsky's art hasn't changed much since the series began, but that's a good thing. The book's trademark look is here, just as it should be, and once again there's a lot of fun detail in the backgrounds of certain panels for those who want to look for them (pay attention to the scenes where Jon is at work or the details of what is on Suzy's computer screen, for example). Things have been a little slow in the last few issues, not dull, but a bit more somber and dramatic than what came before - clearly, if this issue is any indication, that was the calm before the storm.

    Oh, and as always, read the letters column.

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