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Harrow County #29

    Ian Jane

  • Harrow County #29

    Harrow County #29
    Released by: Dark Horse Comics
    Released on: March 21st, 2018.
    Written by: Cullen Bunn
    Illustrated by: Tyler Crook
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    Emmy runs through the brush, she's carrying the bones of the skinless boy. She takes what's left of him to the place where she first met him, where she found his skin and where he was 'born' in her eyes. She contemplates burying him there but knows that he never liked this place, that he was afraid of it. She decides he deserves better - at which point the vines of the forest come together and form a house out of which a kindly looking woman emerges. She calls for Emmett, and when Emmy lays the remains of the skinless boy on the ground we see his spirit run out of the corpse and run to meet his mother, a stuffed rabbit in his hand. He looks back at Emmy, but she tells him not to do that again. He hugs his mother and the house turns into vines again.

    And so begins what is to be the final story arc of Harrow County, one of the best horror comics of the last twenty years.

    From here we cut to a grim image of Hester Beck, a noose around her neck, heading towards the meeting lodge where she knows that the others are gathering. We learn that she's conjured the house on this night to see her family for the last time. The look on her face is far from pleasant. She makes her way through the halls, the faces on the portraits that line the walls obviously vandalized, until she makes her way to the dining room and comes face to face with her 'kin' - Levi, Willa, Mildred, Kaine, Corbin and Odessa.

    Hester knows that they meant to kill her but they tell her that times have changed, that's not the case anymore. Her sins have been forgiven and now it's Emmy - who they refer to as Amaryllis reborn - that must be punished. Hester knows they're afraid of Emmy and that they want her help. Hester makes short work of them, while Odessa, who has been watching from the sidelines, tries to make her escape.

    This is clearly building to VERY big things. Bunn is taking the threads from the last few story arcs and weaving them into what appears to be an insanely intense finale. Everything that happened with Emmy, with Kammi and with their 'family' is now starting to come together, the father figure turned beast playing a big part in all of this and the revenge that Hester swore before being put to death now coming to fruition. It's dark, intense and disturbing and it's remarkably well written and very, very readable. Bunn's art has jived with Tyler Crook's artwork beautifully since the first issue but as the series has gotten increasingly darker of the last few months it seems that they're hitting new heights of synchronicity.

    It's all as beautifully amazing as it is genuinely unsettling.

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