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Sex Criminals #22

    Ian Jane

  • Sex Criminals #22

    Sex Criminals #22
    Released by: Image Comics
    Released on: February21st, 2018.
    Written by: Matt Fraction
    Illustrated by: Chip Zdarsky
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    The opening text page is a pretty great Bon Jovi joke. If you're too young to get it, just keep going and trust me, it's great. Once we get to the first page of the story proper, Suzie is about to leave her mom's place where she's been staying. Her mom is really into getting into touch with her own sexuality, so there are erotic paintings and dildos about. She's got her SplaskKween Ejaculation Workshop going on tonight so she needs the car. Suzy, quite understandably, doesn't really know how to deal with this. So instead of dealing with it she just cancels her date with Geoff, who isn't happy that he's wasted sixty-nine dollars a piece on tickets. The fact that her mom has painstakingly recreated their old family home in a new house freaks her out. She has memories of her father. In fact, she just might converse with him over an old DOS based computer.

    Jazmine is getting ready for bed, but she can't quite convince the shrink, Dr. Glass, to come with her - he's got work to do and sits downstairs alone, playing on his laptop. She's annoyed, so she gets dressed and heads out, tells him not to wait up. Is he in love with her, for real, or in love with Jazmine St. Cocaine, the porn star she once posed as… or someone else altogether?

    Jon sits with Dewey and Alix. Dewey is convinced they're 'all effed' and tells the other two that he quits. And then he tells them why, but we won't spoil that here, let it suffice to say he got pinched doing something he shouldn't have in the name of the mission. Now they have to figure out how to 'burn down the cloud.' Elsewhere, In the Badalcorp offices Kegelface, or Myrtle if you prefer, and Kuber talk about how they have to keep things secret, they don't want people like them to be turned into lab rats. The conversation turns into an argument. Elsewhere again, John and Polly head to a sex club but he knows he can't erase heartbreak with sex no matter how hard he tries.

    Absolutely nothing is resolved this issue but interesting plot points are expanded upon and the story evolves nicely. As is the norm, Fraction's writing is a perfect mix of humor and human, dramatic and twisted. It pulls you in, makes you feel for the characters and then reminds you that deep down we're all perverts to a certain extent. Seeing Jon and Suzie go solo at the same time allows us to understand them better as she gets in touch and deals with family issues and he tries to figure out the differences between sex, friendship and love. There's a lot of depth here, it makes for good reading. Zdarsky's artwork is that same weirdly appropriate cartoony style that it's been since the first issue. It continues to suit the story perfectly, artist and writer are in synch here in a big way.

    Future issues will certainly bring more to the table than this one, but this is one of those issues that, once those big events happen, will prove to be more important than we realized.

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