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Bankshot #4

    Ian Jane

  • Bankshot #4

    Bankshot #4
    Released by: Dark Horse Comics
    Released on: November 22nd, 2017.
    Written by: Alex de Campi
    Illustrated by: ChrisCross
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    “MARCUS KING has tracked down the Dutchman—the man who shot him in the back and left him crippled. Fighting his way through the well-armed henchmen, Marcus is closer to revenge than ever! During the fray, he goes toe-to-toe with the Dutchman's second in command, Franz, who gets the drop on him. Held captive, Marcus risks losing the nano-tech that changed his life—but he's not ready to give it up so easily!”

    This penultimate issues opens with a flashback. Florida. Marcus was a free man, his family was all set thinking he was dead, thanks to a mammoth insurance policy. He was living it up. Cut to another city, another time. Marcus encounters an ex-con in a park and warns him not to do it - he could clearly tell what was up. They talk. The guy used to be a safecracker. He was put away, now he's out and doesn't know what to do with himself. They're birds of a feather, these two. Cut to Tunisia. Marcus sneaks up on Soraya and tells her he needs her help. They talk. Rem lied, he wasn't the real pet project, she was.

    From there, we jump back to the present where, in Ukraine, Marcus is bound to a table and tortured by The Dutchman's crew. He sees Soraya, she's okay. The henchmen start the nano-transfusion from Marcus' body into The Dutchman's. And then they realize what's happened, how they've been outsmarted, and how dangerous Soraya and Marcus are when they work together. And then? Marcus' phone rings. He doesn't answer, but we know what's going on - Reg, back at Marcus' place, is in some pretty hot water himself…

    Loads of violent action in this one as Alex De Campi works towards bringing the story to a close. There are some pretty big twists here, twists that will very clearly have an impact on how all of this is going to end in the next issue. The same qualities that made the earlier issues as much fun to read continue to work their way through this fourth chapter - snappy banter, a good sense of humor, tense situations, backstabbings, tension and action. It's all here, pass the popcorn. As to how it'll finish? One issue left, we'll find out soon enough. ChrisCross's artwork, colored by Snakebite Cortez, is great. It's detailed, it's realistic, it's dynamic and it pops off the page at times. The colors really help here too. The bulk of this issue takes place inside a dimly lit compound and revolves around darkly dressed characters but the colors do a nice job of making sure everyone stands out the way that they should.

    So yeah, we'll see how it ends soon enough - until then, this fourth issue delivers.

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