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Bankshot #2

    Ian Jane

  • Bankshot #2

    Bankshot #2
    Released by: Dark Horse Comics
    Released on: July 26th, 2017.
    Written by: Alex de Campi
    Illustrated by: ChrisCross
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    “A decade ago, as part of a robbery of priceless artifacts, a man calling himself the Dutchman shot military escort Marcus King in the back and left him for dead. Recently, King learned of the Dutchman's current whereabouts. Now it is time for revenge.”

    Picking up where the first issue left off, we flash back to some action in Africa, a decade in the past. Marcus King is shot and bleeding in the middle of the desert, left for dead - and then found by some Bedouins and nursed back to health. We next see him resting in a Tunisian hospital where his beautiful African doctor tells him that the man from the American Embassy has arrived to see him.

    King gives the man a piece of his mind - after all, his crew was dropped into a mission without the proper knowledge of the situation and aside from him, they're all dead now. King was smart enough to grab as much of the Colonel's paperwork before he escaped, which causes the man to try and snuff him out with a pillow. Turns out the paperwork that King had grabbed was actually millions in bonds and this embassy rep intends to make them his. Thankfully the aforementioned doctor sneaks up while this is going on to save King, but she makes it clear that if this guy was C.I.A. that he can't stay here. The unconscious agent winds up in prison. It's then that we learn how Marcus, bound to a wheelchair and understandably suffering from depression, under the care of that doctor - her name being Soraya - and her associate, a Russian known as Rem.

    Cut to Washington in the present day. The Russian Embassy. Frank Gault shows up and makes contact with a man named Pete. Getting rid of Marcus King is in their mutual interest. They meet the next day to discuss their problem and how to deal with him. In King Cay, present day Marcus King is ready to go. He doesn't necessarily trust the Russians, but he wants to take down The Dutchman. Twelve hours later he and Leah are in Slovenia, checking into a hotel and getting ready to get down to business…

    The plot definitely thickens in this second issue as Ms. de Campi's story adds another layer of intrigue to what was laid down in the first installment. King remains an interesting character - sort of a Diabolik-esque thief, but one with a moral code, stealing from the right people. Understandably, he's got no shortage of enemies but how all of this is going to tie into what's going on with his mission to assassinate The Dutchman remains to be seen. Good character development in this issue. We get a bit of a break from the intense action of the first issue so that the writing can further the plot and make sure we get to know the central characters to make what's sure to come matter to the readers. Fun stuff.

    As to the artwork, courtesy of ChrisCross and colorist Snakebite Cortez, it's rock solid. Lots of detail, great panel layouts and a nice flow to the way that the panels relay the story. Human characters are nicely illustrated and quite realistic looking while the architecture and objects that populate the backgrounds of the panels are also well laid out and just generally cool looking.

    This has been a fun read so far - the next three issues seem poised to deliver even more.
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