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Sex Criminals #19

    Ian Jane

  • Sex Criminals #19

    Sex Criminals #19
    Released by: Image Comics
    Released on: May 31st, 2017.
    Written by: Matt Fraction
    Illustrated by: Chip Zdarsky
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    The Wide Wiener man is serving wieners galore to kids at the park out of his truck. As he's changing mustard and meat for cash, he notes an observer not too far away - a woman in a trench coat, watching him. He recognizes her, it's Kegelface. He shuts the window and takes off in his truck, leaving a small army of disappointed kids in his wake.

    Jon and Suzie are driving in their car later that night. He wants to talk, she's quiet. She's upset that he lied to her, but he defends himself, or at least he tries to. They get to their destination - a weird sex themed amusement park. She's not impressed, but they're there for a reason - to meet Todd, the man who 'sends weird little turd-shroks into people's bedrooms at night.' He's never met up with anyone who can go do what Jon and Suzie can do, and he thinks they work for 'her.' They try to correct him, he tells them to fuck off and splits. This isn't going well.

    In the boardroom at Badalcorp, Kuber Badal makes a pitch to potential investors. He doesn't need their money, he needs their partnership. During his presentation he uses research that they've done on Jon as an example of what his technology can do. One of the members of this small audience, Miss Ambrose, sort of tunes out. She knows Badal brought her and the others out here to send a message - he tells her 'don't fuck with this, it's bigger than you' and then turns off the lights and leaves the room. She leaves and makes a phone call to Dewey and he tells her he owes someone an apology.

    Elsewhere, Jon is made up in purple for the screwy new play he's working on - Huftch: Turn Off Canada. Jon realizes it's a bad idea and he walks from the stage, he's done with this. On the way back home he has an 'imaginary' conversation with the Incrandleberry Huftch about 'what's missing' right now. He comes home, tries to talk to Suzie, and she leaves. This happens while Jasmine tries to figure out if dating a shrink is a good idea or not. Jon gets a strange note from Todd that sends him rushing into action in a race against time, and Suzie goes on a job interview.

    Oh, also there's the letters column. Always read the letters column. And then there's that final page.

    Sex Criminals continues to be pretty brilliant reading. It gets weirder by the issues, sometimes kinkier (though less so in that regard this issue) too, but again, there's really strong character development here, the kind that means we care about the relationships that transpire in the book and that means we want to know how and why they evolve the way that they do. Fraction's writing is sharp, clever, occasionally crass and always funny (you've got to love the Wide Weiner jingle that opens the issue) while Z'Darsky's artwork again somehow manages to suit the tone of the story perfectly - providing just the right amount of depth, proper facial expressions and some often times very funny 'little details' throughout each issue. Pay attention to Jon's shirt in the last part of the book and in the carnival scene. Great stuff.

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