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James Bond #8

    Ian Jane

  • James Bond #8

    James Bond #8
    Released by: Dynamite Entertainment
    Released on: August 3rd, 2016.
    Written by: Warren Ellis
    Illustrated by: Jason Masters
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    The second chapter of Warren Ellis and Jason Masters' Eidolon storyline continues Bond's exploits in Los Angeles. He checks into the Shimmer Hotel as Mr. Vauxhall, with Cadance Birdwhistle in tow. The attendant perks up at the name - it seems he's expected. They'll get her some luggage and sanitize the car for him. She addresses him as 007 and tells him that the manager will be in touch.

    Bond and Cadance head to their room - this is an 'off the books' MI6 safehouse - and Bond pours them each a glass of bourbon. She's not impressed but thanks him for saving her life. Then they discuss the sleeping arrangements. There's only one bed, after all. They flirt, they embrace and then they kiss. She orders some champagne and two belts from room service.

    The next morning they head to the airport to catch their flight. Cadance heads to the restroom, Bond insists she use the one in the private lounge. On the way there, two men get into the elevator with them. Bad idea. Bond takes them out, mercilessly, takes one of the victims' cell phone's out and texts pictures of their corpses to Felix Leiter. Bond says these guys were CIA. From there, they take a plane to London. They meet up with Chambers 'from the office' who directs them to a private exit after their flight and fills them in on what the CIA has been doing - M wants Bond's head on a stick for this.

    They get into their car, and then two men in ski masks attack them…

    Building nicely off of the first chapter of Eidolone while still managing to tie into Bond continuity nicely, this is a pretty action intensive installment. There's some serious plot reveals here that definitely add to the mystery that is clearly still being solved, but there's between the elevator sequence and the attack in the last half of the book, this one moves very quickly indeed. Still, we get some interesting character development. Birdwhistle comes out of her shell a bit (well, more than a bit, really, but Ellis leaves that part up to our imagination to work out!) and also uses her particular set of skills to assist. How the various aspects of British intelligence and the CIA work into all of this remains to be seen - but we'll get there. Ellis tells a good story here, just as he has in the seven previous issues, cutting to the primal essence of Bond. This is lean, mean and tough - and it's wicked entertainment.

    Masters' artwork is clean and he handles the action scenes well. There are still spots where more background detail would help things, some of the panels with Bond and Birdwhistle in the hotel are a bit sparse and try to hide that with color, but overall the art here is good. The elevator fight is nicely illustrated and the violence in those panels hits pretty hard. Speaking of the coloring, Guy Major does nice work here, the Los Angeles sunset in particular stands out with its dusky shades of red/orange setting over the hotel.

    Ellis' run on the book has been good from the start - it's not slowing down with this latest storyline and all signs point indicate that there's a lot more to come as the truth about what Eidolon is and who is responsible for all of this will evidently come to light.

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