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Jughead #5

    Ian Jane

  • Jughead #5

    Jughead #5
    Released by: Archie Comics
    Released on: March 30th, 2016.
    Written by: Chip Zdarsky
    Illustrated by: Erica Henderson
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    Previously in the town of Riverdale…

    “Jughead's been detained, suspended and treated like an enemy by Principal Stanger and most of the faculty at Riverdale High. Tired of no one believing his theory, Jughead enlisted the help of resident genius Dilton Doiley to find out what really was going on behind the scenes. After hacking into Stanger's computer, they discovered that he has surveillance capabilities way beyond that of a high school principal. Now that all of Jughead's friends know that something is definitely up with the new staff at Riverdale High, it's up to all of them to convince everyone else! To do that, they'll have to do some investigative reporting. This sounds like a lot of work for our crowned hero to handle! Can he do it? Will he crack under the pressure? Will he have burgers or pizza for dinner? The correct answer is pizza burgers.”

    When this fifth issue begins, the students are trying to explain to their parents that Riverdale High has been secretly taken over and turned into a training facility for secret agents. Of course, none of the adults believe the kids, but to Jughead and Archie and the rest - it's pretty obvious at this point that it's true. Hard to believe, maybe, but true. Jughead comes to the conclusion that they clearly need to come up with some proof. When Bettie suggests that they try to dig up some dirt on Stanger's past, they talk to troublemaker Wade - he's been in high school so long that he once dated a girl who went to Sunnyside where Stanger was once the principal.

    Reggie winds up driving the gang out to Sunnyside that Saturday, and he makes them listen to Adele on the way. His car, his rules, his tunes. They wind up at the Sunnyside Mall looking for teenagers and wind up meeting their doppelgangers who take them to the local malt shop where Jade, the attendant, tells them about her experiences with Stanger in the ninth grade - how he brainwashed people and turned the school into a training camp!

    Jughead hears this and passed out -at which point it's time for the requisite fantasy sequence. This time around we see him and the rest of his pals cast as The Superteens. They come into conflict with The Ultrateens and a fight breaks out but once Jughead recharges with burger power the kid gloves come off. When he wakes up he finds out that his worst nightmare has come true…

    Taking the Riverdale High conspiracy to ridiculous extremes, this fifth issue makes for a pretty fun read. The hallucinated story is well done, playing off of typical superhero clichés, and the doppelganger aspect of the main story carries over into this fantasy sequence in amusing ways. Zdarsky writes the characters well, playing to their cornball roots but giving them enough of a modern spin that you have no trouble buying them as modern teenagers. Henderson's art is hip, stylish and nicely detailed and the coloring work from Andrew Syzmanowicz adds to this nicely.

    On top of that we get three classic Jughead strips - The Run-around illustrated by Bill Vigoda, Battered And Bewildered by George Frese and Tricked by persons unknown!

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