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Spirit, The #9

    Ian Jane

  • Spirit, The #9

    Spirit, The #9
    Released by: Dynamite Entertainment
    Released on: March 16th, 2016.
    Written by: Matt Wagner
    Illustrated by: Dan Schkade
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    Our latest issue of Dynamite Entertainment's revamp of Will Eisner's The Spirit, entitled Oasis Mirage, beings in post-war Tangier where two armed men search a bazaar for a wounded man. They follow the trail of blood through the market full of thieves and black market vendors to find that… it just stops. Of course, the man being chased is The Spirit and he's making a sneaky getaway rolled inside a carpet being dragged out by two different men. When he wiggles his way out of the rug, the assassins of The Purging Wind spot him and give chase. He escapes over a wall into a garden and the thugs stop. They know who owns the place and aren't willing to hop over that wall without permission. They ask the woman of the house permission to capture the infidel but after a bit of back and forth, they spot a familiar tiger tattoo on her forearm and split.

    The woman gives The Spirit sanctuary, letting him rest up in the back room and, as he tells this story to Dolan, her name was Sachet Spice! And although she did nurse him back to health, she never wanted him to leave. And on top of that, the heirloom necklace he was in Tangier's trying to retrieve was stolen, though he doesn't know if it was her or a servant (he suspects it was her). At any rate, this woman was the daughter of the man who previously kidnapped and imprisoned The Spirit, so there's a connection there, but just as they're about to discuss that a bullet flies through the window of Dolan's office.

    The Spirit hops out the window to try and figure out what's going on, unaware that the bullet didn't miss Dolan. He finds the sniper and they brawl in a back alley as the cops close in on them…

    This issue continues to build off of the continuity laid down in prior issues but it also starts to break new ground, introducing the mysterious hitman character while continuing to tie thigs into the whole imprisonment of The Spirt storyline. It's an entertaining issue and a fun, breezy read with Wagner's penchant for pulp style storytelling allowing for some witty and tough talking dialogue and solid character development at the same time.

    Schkade's artwork is just as strong here as it has been in every issue leading up to this one. The chase through the market that opens the issue is nicely laid out while the fight scene between The Spirit and the hitman is one of the most action-intensive sequences we've seen in this series to date. Great stuff, once again beautifully colored by Brennan Wagner and with yet another fantastic cover piece by Eric Powell.

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