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Fight Club 2 #9

    Ian Jane

  • Fight Club 2 #9

    Fight Club 2 #9
    Released by: Dark Horse Comics
    Released on: February 24th, 2016.
    Written by: Chuck Pahalniuk
    Illustrated by: Cameron Stewart
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    Where were we? Marla has an army of terminally ill children at her beck and call ready to strike the castle where she son she had with Sebastian would seem to be held. Chuck Pahalniuk doesn't know what to do with the ever popular character of Tyler Durden. Sebastian sees his family's violent past laid bare before his eyes and, then, Marla gets captured.

    The end is near.

    'Mr. Durden' gets a phone call, he's told to leave. Before Sebastian can do that, he's accosted by a beaten and bruised man carrying roses. He kisses him. Someone is a total whore when he's asleep. One of his minions hands him iodine pills and his shrink tells him 'we'll be united by the atrocity we commit today.'

    Works of art, valuable works of art, are moved about the castle by henchmen under the watchful eye of Sebastian's kid. When Sebastian sees this, his son's embrace is violently pushed back. The boy cries, his father tells him he's not his son… and then we find out where Tyler has been 'hiding' all this time as the boy puts his hands around his father's neck in an attempt to squeeze the life out of him.

    “Doesn't every son want to fight his old man?”

    And that's what happens. They fight, until Marla is marched by at gun point and puts a stop to it, as hard as she can. Adam, Eve and a snake. She knocks him down and kisses him to find out who he really is, and is relieved (to a degree) when she confirms it is her husband she has just clocked.

    The shrink grabs a gun, rants about Tyler occupying a more worthy vessel - that doesn't end well and then Marla's army shows up as we see, through Sebastian's mindset, how every society has had, in its respective past, a myth or legend about cleansing. Ragnarok. The Masque Of Red Death. Helter Skelter. The great flood of the book of Genesis.

    And then Tyler himself appears to the scores of henchmen in the castle, a projection on a massive video screen. Pop the cork, light that spliff and press the record button - “this is your inheritance.”

    Towards the end of the issue a character says 'we're in the bottom of an hour glass' as that which is above them fills in that which is around them. It's a telling moment as everything starts to crumble and various characters do what they feel they need to do to survive. Those invaluable works of art no longer matter. Pahalniuk asks for a Xanax and takes a call.

    With one issue left, there's no fucking way we're going to spoil the ending to this one but let it suffice to say that at this point, anything can happen and it probably will. The series has gone off the rails in the best way possible, combining Pahalniuk's acerbic writing with Stewart's mix of visual conventions and illustrated anarchy in a way that shouldn't work in comic book form but somehow flips off expectations and does it anyway.

    It's beautiful, it's funny, it's scary. It's needlessly complicated in the way that you hoped it would be and it doesn't make for easy reading. You have to put into this series what you want to get out of it. The abstract becomes tangible and expecting the unexpected simply isn't enough anymore.

    Oh, and as always, read the Chaos Report in the back pages and take the time to appreciate the covers offered up by both David Mack and Bill Sienkiewicz.
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