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Sex Criminals #14

    Ian Jane

  • Sex Criminals #14

    Sex Criminals #14
    Released by: Image Comics
    Released on: February 17th, 2016.
    Written by: Matt Fraction
    Illustrated by: Chip Zdarsky
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    Not caught up? Get caught up, because things continue to get… complicated for our horny heroes.

    Susie walks down the street and interrupts a man as he's sifting through some papers on top of a newspaper box. She's not sure what he's up to so she asks. Turns out he's slipping 'neighborhood notes' into the newspapers, little inserts that he writes himself. As it turns out, those notes are…. explicit. Susie maces him.

    Meanwhile, in an office, a man talks to Myrtle about stealing, or more specifically the difficulties of stealing something that doesn't exist. Myrtle goes to see a certain doctor, telling him she needs his help.

    Jon walks in on Susie cursing at a piece of wood. She's trying to build something pre-cut but in need of assembly but doesn't know how to use tools. Jon helps her out and she gets aroused as she watches this manly display of know-how. Jon heads off to work where he's assisting his favorite former porno star Ana Kincaid while Susie heads off to her new job where, bored, she starts thinking about the explicit 'neighborhood note,' Jon working with tools and, well, she decides to send Jon an upskirt photo on her phone. The phone buzzes and buzzes on Jon's end but he's out of the room and she sees the picture and a text message from Suzie saying that if Jon doesn't hurry up and get over here that she'll take care of things herself.

    When Susie heads to the bathroom to do just that, Kincaid heads to the bathroom to follow suit. When Susie comes and winds up in her special place, Ana is there and she wants to talk. And then we cut to Fraction and Zdarksy (the later now rolling in Jughead money and supporting a coke habit) trying to figure out the best way to make this scene work.

    “Why not go meta? We've done meta before.”

    Oh, and Myrtle fucks the doctor to get what she wants and Susie and Rachel talk about relationships that brings her to a conclusion she didn't necessarily want to come to.

    This issue isn't nearly as over the top as the last few were but that's not a bad thing because the storyline is still hysterical, the characters are still beautifully written and the events that take place in this issue, as low key as they might be comparatively speaking, are important. This is one of those issues where Fraction's writing takes its time to continue building the characters into interesting people rather than putting them into insane and 'dirty' situations. It works, it's needed, and it makes for an interesting read if not necessarily the most exciting thing to write about.

    But it's Sex Criminals, and like ever issue before it this fourteenth installment in the series leaves you wanting more. Zdarsky's art is still appropriately weird, cartoonish in a good way and capable of bringing Fraction's clever writing to life - it gives you want you want. It's a horrible jumping on point for new readers but those who have been reading the series will find much to appreciate and, with the ending happening the way that it happens, even more to look forward to.
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