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2000 A.D. Prog 1968

    Ian Jane

  • 2000 A.D. Prog 1968

    2000 A.D. Prog 1968
    Released by: 2000 A.D./Rebellion
    Released on: February 17th, 2016.
    Written by: Various
    Illustrated by: Various
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    The 2000 A.D. machine is bound and determined to take over your world with this latest issue, once again sporting a completely bad ass cover courtesy of Clint Langley. Is there a better ABC Warriors artist than him out there? It doesn't look that way - prove me wrong!

    Judge Dredd - Ghosts by Michael Carroll and Mark Sexton: Galen Demarco made it into Sector Zero but will she make it out after being made? She's going to do her damndest. She splits, chased by the powers that be and out of ammo with those behind her authorized to use whatever force necessary. But then she gets a lucky break. Meanwhile, Dredd has to come to terms with his actions, and more specifically, their repercussions.

    Carroll ends this one in fine form, a nice, nasty finale to a story that has been as dark as it has been antisocial from the start. This isn't simply a matter of Dredd catching the bad guys, it's a matter of him trying to figure out if they're actually bad guys at all and while the end leaves us with as many questions as it does answers, there's no better way to end it than the way that Michael Carroll does here. Mark Sexton's art scores full points for detail, layout, design and just overall awesomeness. This should get collected sooner rather than later, as it's heavy stuff and would probably read better if it weren't serialized. Either way, Dredd fans don't miss this one.

    Kingdom - Beast Of Eden by Dan Abnett and Richard Elson: Gene and the rest held defense against the swarm that was attacking The Kingdom for a while, and now that it's been quiet… they want to know what's going on. They head out in their confiscated tank only to notice that the land itself is changing (this ties in with the 'hive revelation' last issue) but how can they fight the planet itself? That'll come in the form of some allies, but not before Gene has to prove his worth…

    This one continues to get more interesting with each successive chapter. It started off slow but this serial is firing on all cylinders now and Abnett continues to add further layers to what at first seemed like a simple post-apocalyptic survival tale but which has evolved into something more. There's enough intrigue here to keep you guessing while the action seals the deal. Elson's art has been top notch since the first chapter and it continues to impress in detail and scope.

    ABC Warriors - Return To Ro-Busters by Pat Mills and Clint Langley: Ro-Jaws is ready for the plan set forth in which Gottlieb and Led Belly are ready to unleash…. The Satan Dart! A piano player gets in the way but not for long. The PD Troopers have left Ro-Jaws as the last man (robot) standing, the defiance code runs strong in this one, but soon the humans find that the robots have jammed their signals.

    If you fail to see what's remarkable about two robots dancing, this isn't' the series for you but if social stature, political commentary, dark and twisted comedy and robot mashing action sounds like your idea of a good time you're a fool not to be keeping up with Pat Mills' latest ABC Warriors story. The fact that the aforementioned artistic genius, Clint Langley, illustrates it all in (almost) black and white makes a good thing even better. Thing are going to, thankfully, get much, much worse for these characters before it gets any better!

    The Order - In The Court Of The Wyrmqueen by Kek-W and John Burns: Anna Kohl attacks Iztaccihuatl, she leads the group now, a certain red-headed man very happy to see her again. He is not Calhoun, at this point, but Ritterstahl and the body that was once Calhoun won't sustain him much longer. He needs the Golden Seed and for that to happen the ladies are going to have to work together. They do, sort of, and then Izta strikes… 'a pisspot to hold the blood of a god?'

    Well, that didn't work out so well, not by the time we get to the last two pages of this chapter (which we didn't even mention here, so don't bitch to us about spoilers), but at this point you're in it for the long haul. Twists, turns, backstabbings, betrayals and…. all sorts of WTF??? moments keep this one an interesting read. Kek-W is working to bringing this somewhere, but where that is? You're guess is as good as mine, which is a testament to the quality writing here. Burns' art, well, it's godddamn beautiful is what it is.

    Strontium Dog - Repo Men by John Wagner and Carlos Esquerra: Last but most certainly not least, we've got some mutants with a bounty hunter hooker problem. The ladies, those cursed Twister Sisters, who swiped the brain last issue want one billion galactic credit for its safe return. How will Johnny and his merry gang of mutants come up with that sort of cash? Not through anything resembling honest means, that's for sure. But of course, there is a plan… a plan that involves aliens and back alleys and giant bugs that get shot in the head and some fancy, fancy, fancy new boots.

    Esquerra's artwork is in the classic style, totally fitting, while Wagner's story moves along nicely here. This is sort of an 'in-between' chapter that takes the big reveal from the last issue and then sets those events up to mean something more in the next issue. Those are need from time to time and not always the most interesting installments, but they typically lead to big things. Expect more to happen next week… until then, keep watching the skies… or something.

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