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Aliens Vampirella #3

    Ian Jane

  • Aliens Vampirella #3

    Aliens Vampirella #3
    Released by: Dynamite Entertainment
    Released on: November 4th, 2015.
    Written by: Corinna Bechko
    Illustrated by: Javier Garcia-Miranda
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    Picking up where the last issue left off, above ground those keeping tabs on things are wondering what the Hell caused the video feed to go out. They're able to retrieve a few minutes of footage captured before it all went kaput and what they see, well, it's clearly not human. Neither does it look like a vampire.

    Underground, Vampirella and Lars are trying to figure out how to get out of the catacombs. They rig up the video system using the batteries from their flashlight as a power source, and it's then, once they have access to the mapping system, that they realize how massive this compound is. Then they notice something strange on the video system's heat sensors… something that may tie into what those aboveground saw on the video screen. Those things that the humans sealed into the lower levels are being hunted by something otherworldly.

    The ship circling the base, waiting for an okay to land? The people on board, including Lars' wife, Sarah, are wondering what's going on down there. She wants to disobey orders and land, she knows they're in danger, but her plan is shut down. As a compromise she decides to take the excavation rig down. Tucker, at mission control, however… he's got a plan to get rid of whatever it is underground causing all these problems, and if Lars and Vampirella get taken out, well that's a small price to pay in his eyes to save the lives of everyone else involved in this mess.

    Vampi and Lars, however, have got problems of their own to deal with… problems with spiky tails and green acidic blood.

    This third issue builds well off of the first two, getting past the second issue's themes of xenophobia (though that still factors into things here) and more into action/horror mode. This is the issue where the aliens, previously just sort of skulking about in the shadows, get their time in the spotlight. And they do. Lots of carnage and some good bloody kills, but all in keeping with the story being told and never feeling overdone, out of place or crammed in for the sake of cramming in some quality alien kills. Bechko's script is good, the dialogue rewards those who pay attention to detail and the story is unfolding at a good pace.

    Javier Garcia-Miranda's art still has the same pro's and con's. The pro's? Nicely drawn characters and aliens, lots of detail there and a good sense of fluid movement. The con's? The backgrounds are still sparse, sometimes looking more empty than you want them to, almost unfinished. So it's a mixed bag there, but the alien attack scenes, which are the high point of this particular issue, are nicely rendered. InLight Studio's coloring is pretty solid and the cover art from Gabriel Hardman is just as beautifully intense as his cover art for the first two issues.

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