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Sex Criminals #13

    Ian Jane

  • Sex Criminals #13

    Sex Criminals #13
    Released by: Image Comics
    Released on: October 14th, 2015.
    Written by: Matt Fraction
    llustrated by: Chip Zdarsky
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    Sex Criminals #13, by 'Harvey Award Winning Humorist Chip Zdarsky And Chums' (if you don't get the joke Google “Chip Zdarsky” and “Harvey Awards” to gain an all new respect for the man), starts out with a scene where an office worker reassures the boss, a guy named Jim, that he's got this. “Your boots are on his neck.”

    Turns out the person on the phone, the one who isn't Jim, has a thing. This person disrobes and jumps off of the roof of a tall building, and then we flashback to that person's past. Carl Sagan (or someone supposed to be Carl Sagan but who is never named this avoiding legal trouble) is on PBS making her think she's from outer space, a feeling that never went away. She had a brother, Joe, who warns her to never be alone with their step-father, Bruce. She didn't know why then, but she figured it out when she got older. In high school she dated, tried to pretend that sex 'made sense' to her and that she was just like everybody else. Of course, because it doesn't make sense she assumes something is wrong with her.

    Joe's 'suicide' cements this. She's confused, fucked up, doesn't get it… until one night Sagan comes out of the TV and makes love to her. Or does he? Her boyfriend Jason doesn't seem to know what she wants when she agrees to go to the make-out party at Doug's place with him, but she did it because it was expected, not because she wanted to fuck him. And then he tries to talk her into a blowjob (it's here that Zdarsky's art becomes so cinematic that it hurts more than blue balls!). Maybe her brother had the right idea. So she tries it, and it's orgasmic, or close enough to orgasmic that it would seem she has a certain ability. She tried sex but it was too much like sweaty wrestling. This is how Alix gets off… jumping off of buildings and bridges and things that should kill her if she landed the way you or I would land.

    And then Alix, when walking down the street minding her own business one day, sees that nasty 'Cum Angel' just sort of hovering about…

    Oh, and Jon and Susie get some coffee.

    This might be the first issue of the series that doesn't really deal with Jon and Susie at all (they literally do just get coffee) but that doesn't matter. At least it doesn't if you have faith in the creative team to deliver, and deliver they do. Alix is an interesting new character who adds an interesting new level of WTF to the series not just by her presence but by how she goes where she goes when she goes there. There are ramifications here. If she can get to 'cum world' without cumming, is it really cum world? Maybe Jon and Susie don't know what the Hell they're doing after all, maybe there are a lot more people who can do this than they ever realized and they were just so wrapped up in the sexual chemistry that they had/have to really think this through?

    Fraction's writing remains top shelf and Zdarksy already won a Harvey so you know his art is good. Seriously, if you don't want to pay back issue prices (who would blame you) then get the collected edition(s) but read Sex Criminals. It's perversely entertaining but so too is it pretty thought provoking, emotionally engaging and just one of the most original comics to hit the stands in years. This issue, which goes in a completely different direction and once again adds an additional layer to the previously established mythos, is yet another filthy feather in the Fraction and Zdarsky's hat (I like to think they share a hat).

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