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Sex Criminals #12

    Ian Jane

  • Sex Criminals #12

    Sex Criminals #12
    Released by: Image Comics
    Released on: September 16th, 2015.
    Written by: Matt Fraction
    Illustrated by: Chip Zdarsky
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    When this twelfth issue starts, Kincaid is in the lecture hall talking to her class about the definition of normal and how that ties into definitions of straight and how abnormal can tie into the definition of monstrous.

    Meanwhile, Jon and Suzie have entered into the 'cum world' of Douglas D. Douglas, an anime enthusiast with some unusual tastes and some unusual abilities - his ejaculatory fluid has turned into some sort of angel/fairy thing and it's speaking to them in a strange language. If you've seen any hentai you'll have a rough idea of where this one goes with one word and one word only - tentacles. Our heroes get the fuck out of Dodge as fast as they can.

    While this is going on, Myrtle and the doctor are digging around where they shouldn't be digging around. They shoo their partners in crime away and they in turn head off to the car for more of the same. Everyone is screwing everyone, or so it seems. At home, Myrtle's marriage would seem to be a little lacking. Doctor Dave is getting stalkery. Robert Rainbow and Rachelle are in bed and he has a dream that makes him question things. Kincaid's lecture gets more intense, more specific… Suzie wonders why she doesn't have the same sort of powers that some of the others who have this ability do.

    Then they discover a 'dong forest' and, yep, more tentacles. “I'm going to ejaculate sparkles into your heart.”

    Indeed, Fraction and Zdarsky do just that with this issue - they ejaculate comic book sparkles all over your filthy heart by ramping up the insanity and the obscenity levels to new heights never before reached by this already gleefully insane and obscene series. This insanity contrasts across various pages with Kincaid's lecture, a very measured but deliberate speech about female orgasms, the patriarchal state of sex in culture and a fair bit more legitimately high brow sexual philosophy. It gives the book some welcome smarts and in turn provides the readers with some pretty cool food for thought, that kind that makes you think about things even if you're not necessarily expecting to. It's an interesting tactic on the part of Fraction's writing, this contrast that is created here, and it once again proves that this series is a lot more cerebral then some might give it credit for. Zdarsky continues to deliver wildly colorful and creative art to compliment the writing style, this time maybe even more so than usual.

    It's another strong issue in a remarkably strong series, albeit one that seems to be bridging the gap between some of the previous big reveals from issues past and those about to come. Or cum. Ha! And as always, read the letter column.
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