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Spirit, The #3

    Ian Jane

  • Spirit, The #3

    Spirit, The #3
    Released by: Dynamite Entertainment
    Released on: September 16th, 2105.
    Written: Matt Wagner
    Art by: Dan Schkade
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    Picking up where the first two issues left off, we start this latest issue with an introduction to Kabei, a Bajau who, like the rest of his people, lives off of what the sea provides. We learn how the naval battles in the South Pacific that took place during the Second World War created a hardship for the Bajau, how it's harder to catch fish for food since the reefs are now covered in hunks of rusting metal. But he tries, even as his wife berates him for his efforts. His bravery and persistence pays off when he catches a shark… and along with that shark, an unexpected passenger in a white shirt, blue pants and blue gloves.

    Meanwhile, at Irongate Prison, Lieutenant Klink has arrived with Strunk and White in tow to see Warden Burrows. He's agreed to let them visit Sand Saref, she's been locked up there for a while now but they figure she knows something about The Spirit's vanishing act. She does talk of their collective past but denies any knowledge of his whereabouts, telling them of the last time she saw him when she and Professor Anton Pernicious tried to steal the plans for a military sonar system only for The Spirit to show up and put a stop to the scheme…

    As all of this is going on, Dolan talks to his daughter Ellen about the retirement he's being forced to take.

    Big things are afoot in Central City, to say the least! The truth behind Wagner's mystery is starting to reveal itself in some interesting ways as the investigation that Strunk and White are spearheading introduces various members of The Spirit's rogues gallery. It's a great way to bring some of the classic villains into this newer run, giving new readers enough background information on their past with the lead character to help bring them up to speed without pandering or downplaying the current events in the story. Simultaneously, there's enough going on with the supporting players - Dolan's retirement and Ellen's pending nuptials being the big examples - to make this more than just another story about Denny Colt and his alter ego.

    Dan Schkade's art, which is complemented really nicely by Brennan Wagner's coloring, continues to accentuate the story nicely. There's a lot of noirish atmosphere to it, great shadowy locations are used throughout the story and his take on femme fatale Sand Saref is slinky and neat. The intro pages with Kabei's story is really nicely laid out too. The visuals in this issue are pretty impressive - and on top of that we're once again treated to a great cover from Eric Powell.
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