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Alice Cooper : Chaos #1

    Mark Tolch
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  • Alice Cooper vs. Chaos #1

    Released By: Dynamite Comics
    Release Date: September 9, 2015

    The Story:

    With Dynamite's last run of Alice Cooper comics finished and packaged up in the handy TPB "Welcome To My Nightmare", it made sense that another run would begin. With "Chaos" in the title (this new run introduces Alice to the characters of the Chaos Comics universe), this new series certainly wastes no time in living up to its name, as this first issue spits out a bunch of different storyl ines that will hopefully merge into something more coherent down the road.

    Opening the story is The Coop himself, who is troubled by the number of rogue creatures on the Nightmoor, creatures who would normally be heeding the direction of the Lord of Nightmares...instead of trying to kill him. Leaving Alice behind in just a few panels, we end up in a cavern under Denver, Colorado, where an assassin of vampires named Chastity and her assistant have come across a bloated, overfed vampire who has been draining a secret blood reserve. A fatal misstep brings about Purgatori, Mistress of Blood, and you know that's not going to amount to anything good.

    Meanwhile, other strange goings-on in Roseville, Minnesota involve an affectionate zombie who may or may not have an erection, and a young lady possessed by a goddess who quotes Alice Cooper lyrics. Stranger still is an angry meth farm scarecrow with some anger issues. And one thing is for these characters converge on an Alice Cooper concert, things are going to get weirder.

    Dynamite's last run of AC comics got off to the same start as this one, in that there were so many different things going on in the first issue, it was slightly off-putting. While writers Tim Seeley and Jim Terry may have big things planned, they're hopefully going to pull it together better than the last writer. As it stands, there are a few interesting things going on here, and Jim Terry's double-duty as illustrator is promising. The artwork is what it should be...hopefully the writing cuts the mustard as well.

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