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Death Head #2

    Ian Jane

  • Death Head #2

    Death Head #2
    Released by: Dark Horse Comics
    Released on: August 19th, 2015.
    Written by: Zack Keller, Nick Keller
    Illustrated by: Joanna Estep
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    Picking up where the first issue left off, this second issue starts with two Pinecrest Gas & Electric workers heading down into the sewers for what should be a normal, regular, every day job. They bitch about the recent baseball game and note how high the water is - and then, once they get to the grate, they find out why. Rats. And lots of them.

    Meanwhile Niles is at the hospital getting a bone fragment removed from his leg. He splits and makes a call to the ranger station at the park he and Justine were at in the first issue. He asks about the ghost town they found and why it has its own crematorium but the conversation doesn't get him anywhere. He does a bit of online research and he starts piecing together the history of what he and his wife just experienced… that is until a swarm of gulls come crashing through the window of his office. Or do they? Is he hallucinating? His patients sure hope not.

    In the library, Bee is trying to find some books he needs for class. He's shocked to see Rosie there. Shortly after he's bullied by Nate again but Rosie puts a stop to that shortly after it begins. Meanwhile, Lena has gone home to visit her family and it's here that we learn she's Niles and Justine's daughter and that Bee is her brother. The family ties are all coming together here but as soon as they sit down to dinner, Niles starts acting weird again and it all ties into their trip to that park up in Shadowcliff. Maybe he should stop carrying that mask around…

    So some of the story threads that started in the first issue are coming together in interesting ways, particularly as they relate to the family dynamic that now exists between the different plot lines that are starting to intertwine. We get a few moments of eerie horror here and the mask, that spooky mask, that was a big part of the first issue comes into play here as well - no surprise, given that it's been featured on the cover of both issues of the series to this point. Zack and Nick Keller are doing a fine job keeping our attention, layering a bit more on top of the previously established mystery and offering up a few gory set pieces as well.

    Joanna Estep's artwork, colored by Kelly Fitzpatrick, is just as solid here as it was in issue #1. It's not hyper detailed but it's nicely expressive when it comes to the way that it portrays what the characters are going through here. The opening scene in the sewer is nice and shadowy and features some creative panel layout ideas at work too. And dig that awesome painted cover by E.M. Gist! We definitely want to see where thing go from here…

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