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Archie Vs. Predator #4

    Ian Jane

  • Archie Vs. Predator #4

    Archie Vs. Predator #4
    Released by: Dark Horse Comics
    Released on: July 22nd, 2105.
    Written: Alex de Campi
    Art by: Fernando Ruiz
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    Archie, and what's left of his crew, are in bad shape. The Predator has been taking them out left, right and center and when this fourth and final issue starts out, Betty and Veronica are holding a beaten and bruised red headed stud in their arms as their alien foe takes off his mask and pulls the skin off of his latest trophy. Just as it looks like the three of them are done for, the creature sees Veronica cry and walks off…

    …and it's got something to do with that knife? Veronica brings herself and Betty to the panic room that her dad had installed after a Russian arms deal went south, a seriously wounded Archie tagging along - her plan is to blow the Predator up, the panic room will be strong enough to protect them. They get Archie stabilized and set the self destruct button that Veronica's dad has puzzlingly had installed in their mansion and drags Betty off to get dressed. Sadly, the machine that Archie has been hooked up to has been cranked up way too high and he starts to change.

    The Predator shows up and Betty and Veronica open fire but will it be enough? And what's happened to Archie? Oh and that self destruct feature built into the Lodge lodge? There's no way to turn it off…

    The thrilling conclusion of Archive Vs. Predator is here and it doesn't disappoint with the laughs or the carnage. Lots of goofy, gooey over-the-top gore here but somehow still all done in the tradition that has made the Archie comics so recognizable over the years. Alex de Campi gets it. She writes the characters in true Archie style and never pulls them out of the zone you'd expect them to behave and react within. It's a fun story, a good mix of comedy, shocking gore and wacky comic book action. Without going into spoiler territory, it's also interesting to see how the story defies expectations in terms of who does what and makes it out alive here. Some fun surprises for sure.

    Fernando Ruiz, with inks from Rich Koslowski and colors from Jason Millet, delivers just the right sort of art style for this series. This book LOOKS like a traditional Archie book. Where the Afterlife books go into darker territory and require a darker style this one stays firmly rooted in the Archie tradition and for that reason Ruiz keeps things very traditional with his illustrations. This doesn't relate just to the Archie characters but to the Predator as well. The alien has come to their world, not the other way around.

    So yeah, now that it's all over and done with, this was a really fun read. A great mix of humor and horror, adolescence and action, goofiness and gore gags. De Campi and Ruiz make a great team and hopefully this series did well enough that we'll see them team up again for future endeavors such as this in the coming months or years.

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